Website Portal Page - Top Posters?

For suggestions / requests to improve the league (e.g. rules change proposals, etc)
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Website Portal Page - Top Posters?

Post by Winnipeg59 » Sun 28 Oct '12 1:05pm

I have no knowledge or experience working with the website/forum template used for the CBL.
Not sure my suggestion is even possible?
And this has absolutely nothing to do with our actual CBL game/files, etc., which by the way is awesome!

But a suggestion...

Is there any way to change the timeframe used for listing the "Top Posters" in the box lower/left of the portal page?
It would seem to me that the commish has the title locked up forever :thumbup:, as he should. But maybe a quarterly, monthly or even weekly timeframe (again, IF it can be specified in the web template configuration - and the investment in time is worth it) might be a cool way to track the action on the site?

And it could also be simply another competitive outlet for some :) ???
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Re: Website Portal Page - Top Posters?

Post by Geoff » Thu 01 Nov '12 10:13am

Good idea, I like it.
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