Playoff roster rule clarification

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Playoff roster rule clarification

Post by devaneyfan » Thu 16 Oct '14 8:54pm

To accurately reflect major league rules, I suggest we allow the commissioner to manually adjust playoff roster eligibility in the player editor to accommodate the following scenario: "Any injured player who is eligible for postseason play may be replaced by any player that was on an active or disabled list for either that team or any of its affiliated minor league teams at midnight August 31."

This clarification would allow us to keep the in-game playoff roster rule system while also giving GMs the flexibility they have in MLB to replace a player injured late in the season.

I'm not sure anything prevents this from happening now, but wanted to move the discussion from the other thread: ... f=3&t=9729

What say ye all?

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Re: Playoff roster rule clarification

Post by barracus79 » Thu 16 Oct '14 9:18pm

I am in favor obviously :thumbup:
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Re: Playoff roster rule clarification

Post by Winnipeg59 » Fri 17 Oct '14 7:39pm

Seems reasonable. I believe I'm in the same situation (a late season injury). I just wish I could have my guy healed.....

Wait, that's an entirely different proposal. :twisted:

In my case I really don't think I have a "saviour" in my minor leagues that could help me out, so I would probably make the same move I just did. But that's my problem.
I wonder why OOTP doesn't/can't reflect this in-game? Must be a programming dilemma or something complicated?
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