2051-2052 Rule Clean-Up ** (Added SCHEDULE Template)

For suggestions / requests to improve the league (e.g. rules change proposals, etc)
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2051-2052 Rule Clean-Up ** (Added SCHEDULE Template)

Post by Winnipeg59 » Sun 26 Oct '14 12:08pm

Some of the references in the current rules are out-dated:
("Beginning in a year that has long passed we will...") and could be altered or removed entirely.

There are also some references that are just out of date:
("A player may be offered more than a 5-year contract..." - given OOTP15 can be set to that as a max, which we have done if I'm not mistaken)
("The draft will be completed using Getch's utility" - which personally I would love, but I do not want to open a can 'o you-know-what - and I'm fine with the current way of doing things too)

I suggest (and would gladly help) revisiting the current rules JUST to clean them up and bring them up to 2051!

And, since we're heading into an off-season, I would also like to suggest some changes too (hoping of course not to be a pain in the you-know-what-else).

1) Revisit a new schedule (I had a couple of long runs against the same team and long home/away stands). And the All-Star break is kind of messed up as I recall. It has been suggested before.
2) Revisit the playoff roster (which can be toggled in the OOTP setup). Suggested this post-season.
3) IF it has NOT been done already (and it might have been), turning off the story lines (also able to be toggled). This was also suggested recently.

Regarding schedules: Because the CBL is rather unique in the way it interacts there are no perfect schedules to adopt. While totally an amateur at that kind of thing, I did produce a couple that could rotate prior to last in-game season. They are certainly not perfect either but IMHO are a little better than the one we just used. The one issue I had was a couple of places in the schedule, for a couple of - if not each - team where the only way to make everything work was a three (or even four) day break ONCE during the year, outside of the All-Star break. I would be happy to circulate these if anyone is interested in examining the work BTW or even using them in a solo league with the same basic CBL structure.

I'm sure there are other, more radical, rule suggestions (like a Rule 5 draft) but I'd be happy with just a clean-up of the existing rules and the modest changes proposed above. And would gladly break these into separate discussion thread if that helps?

Anxious for the off-season!
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Re: 2051-2052 Rule Clean-Up

Post by Winnipeg59 » Sat 15 Nov '14 6:46am

The post above was essentially two parts. The first was simply asking that the rules be cleaned up, requiring little to no input, debate, polling or voting. Curious how many times it was viewed and the fact nothing was accomplished in the off-season. I realize it is not a priority but just thought it would streamline the existing CBL rules? No big deal.

The second part of the post above was to propose some new ideas (I get that most don't pass and that stability and tradition are key concerns in any online league) and there was no response at all? Please let me know if there is a better way to propose new ideas - Poll? Separate thread for each? PM to Commissioner only?
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Re: 2051-2052 Rule Clean-Up

Post by devaneyfan » Sat 15 Nov '14 7:27am

I honestly did not read your entire first post assuming that it was all rule cleanup similar to the one you posted a few months earlier. Rule cleanups made sense to me.

My suggestion would be to start a separate thread for rule change ideas or for your schedule thoughts so people can focus their ideas in response.

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Re: 2051-2052 Rule Clean-Up

Post by cubfan377 » Sat 15 Nov '14 9:59am

devaneyfan wrote:I honestly did not read your entire first post assuming that it was all rule cleanup similar to the one you posted a few months earlier. Rule cleanups made sense to me.

My suggestion would be to start a separate thread for rule change ideas or for your schedule thoughts so people can focus their ideas in response.
I had the exact same process and thoughts. Definitely in favor of the 3 rules you listed since they are fair to everyone and in the best interest of the league.

Chris can tell me if I'm wrong, but Kieran, a previous owner, acted as an unofficial assistant commish during his time. He would help take care of discussion/polling and just make it easier on Chris.

If there is a need to have someone fill that role again I would volunteer.

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Re: 2051-2052 Rule Clean-Up

Post by JAttractive » Sat 15 Nov '14 12:24pm

Any thoughts on expanding the draft a few more rounds? The draft has been really bad the past few seasons making 3rd round picks and lower basically worthless. I'm not saying we should jump on it this season, but if the pattern persists a few more seasons we may want to consider it in the future. I like that teams aren't overflowing with talent but this is probably the worst I have seen (draft wise). I haven't looked at other minor league systems in depth though so this could be a cycle we are going through and the talent is already out there so the game is compensating.

Not a big issue for me, just curious what you guys think. Maybe I am looking at past drafts with rose-coloured glasses...

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Re: 2051-2052 Rule Clean-Up

Post by chrisj » Sat 15 Nov '14 6:32pm

cubfan377 wrote: Chris can tell me if I'm wrong, but Kieran, a previous owner, acted as an unofficial assistant commish during his time. He would help take care of discussion/polling and just make it easier on Chris.

If there is a need to have someone fill that role again I would volunteer.
Yeah - Kieran used to run with a lot of that stuff. Jeff's helped out with finding new owners, etc. If you wanted to step up with this side of things I don't have an issue unless someone else has a good reason to object?

I always appreciate people helping out. Unfortunately my free time isn't what it used to be when I started this league back when I was in university. I can keep up with the sims but it can be tough to keep up with other things.

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Re: 2051-2052 Rule Clean-Up

Post by chrisj » Sat 15 Nov '14 6:35pm

Winnipeg59 wrote:1) Revisit a new schedule (I had a couple of long runs against the same team and long home/away stands). And the All-Star break is kind of messed up as I recall. It has been suggested before.
2) Revisit the playoff roster (which can be toggled in the OOTP setup). Suggested this post-season.
3) IF it has NOT been done already (and it might have been), turning off the story lines (also able to be toggled). This was also suggested recently.
A couple comments.

#1. More harder than it sounds I think. The schedule is fairly balanced right now (aside from the fact teams play more in-division games which hurts them in the wild card potentially). Unless you had something different ready to go?

#2. Agree 100% and this will be turned off this year.

#3. Any particular reason? Guess I wasn't sure what the downside was?

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Re: 2051-2052 Rule Clean-Up

Post by Winnipeg59 » Sat 15 Nov '14 8:52pm

The intent is not to give the commissioner more work. I know he has enough.

First, I'm happy to submit a cleaned set of rules below (I had them pretty much ready). The rules do not change, but the language will reflect the current CBL. Please double-check my work then probably cut and paste under the link above.

I realize the schedule is "balanced" in terms of the number of games in your division, in your league and against the other league, but it is far from balanced in terms of road trips and bunches of games against the same team. Using mine as an example, again this season, I start on the road for 13 games (I doubt that would happen IRL). And of those 7 straight are against PEI, so ALL of my inter-division away games against that team come in the first two weeks. If one of us suffers a key short-term injury, as an example, it could impact the division standings and any chance of recovering against that specific team for the entire season (and again I highly doubt that would ever happen IRL). From that perspective I do not believe the schedule is balanced.

As far as other rule suggestions, obviously the playoff roster has been thought out and will be changed. The other suggestion of turning off story lines was not my idea but was mentioned by someone in a previous thread. I was just adding it to the original post as something else to consider in this past off-season. Maybe that GM might reiterate his point (probably something to do with getting a 3-game back injury to a key player caused by a sneeze or something :) ). I'm not sure it's something that can be toggled at any time or not?

CBL Rules & Regulations
* Updated: November 2014

1. Background / Overview

The Canadian Baseball League (CBL) was formed in April of 2002 using the Out of the Park Baseball Version 4 simulation. Currently, it uses the Out of the Park Baseball X simulation that is developed by Out of the Park Developments.

All transactions (line-up changes, setting depth charts, pitching staff, players moving between levels, free agent and contract extensions offers) with the exception of trades are completed in the game. The game is required to be a member of the league.

The CBL is comprised of 24 teams which are split into two leagues with three divisions in each league.
The setup of the league is as follows:

Eastern League
Atlantic Division
Central Division
Southern Division

Western League
Great Lake Division
Prairie Division
Pacific Division

Regular Season
The league runs a 162 game regular season - 14 inter-divisional games (7 home, 7 away), 12 games against other teams in the league (6 home, 6 away) and two games against teams in the other league (1 home, 1 away).

Games are simulated four times per week (currently on Sunday night, Monday night, Wednesday night and Friday night). Exports for each simulation are due by 10 PM EST. Each simulation will consist of one week of the regular season, giving 27 simulations of the regular season. Should the dates of simulations change, notice will be posted on the league forum in advance.

The top team in each division makes the playoffs. The team with the best record in each league that did not win their division will qualify as a wild card team. Each of the three series will feature a best of seven series.

Playoff simulations will take place as soon as each team confirms that they are ready, or at a maximum, 48 hours after the previous simulation. Each simulation will be complete until the next off day.

2. Membership

The purpose of the members of teams in the CBL is to have fun - and of course, win. That said, the best way to keep the league entertaining for all is to be active. There are numerous ways to be active – trade block boards, posting articles on the league forum, taking part in discussions on the league forum, and even just submitting your exports on a regular basis.

Members who are not heard from for an excessive period of time (one month in real time) may be relieved of their duties to their organization. If you have a reason from being inactive, such as a vacation, please post a message on the league forum letting everyone know.

3. Financial System

Salary Cap
The CBL has a strict payroll cap in place. No teams may have a payroll that exceeds $85-million dollars at any point in the season. Any team exceeding the cap will face strict penalties. The salary cap will total all players with a major league contract.

Cash Maximum
CBL teams will be allowed to maintain $20 million in cash on hand.

Off-Season Marketing Campaigns
Prior to the off-season, organizations can plan to promote off-season marketing campaigns to increase fan loyalty. A team can spend $1 million to promote its team and increase their current fan interest by 1 point (up to a maximum of 5 points).

4. Roster Management

Amateur Draft
The CBL has a ten round player draft held on June 1st of the regular season. Rounds 6 thru 10 are non-tradable. The draft will be simulated in-game using draft lists. The first 12 picks will happen in a first sim, followed by picks 13-24 in a second sim, rounds 2 and 3 in a third sim, 4 and 5 in a fourth sim and the remaining rounds in a final draft sim.

Trades may be made any time before the July 31st deadline. They may include up to five players, along with draft picks and/or cash. If draft picks are included, they are only allowed to be included for the current or upcoming draft.

Players signed to a contract during the previous off-season may not be traded until July 1st of the current year.

All roster moves are completed before the next simulation during the season. Any roster instructions (placing a player into the pitching rotation, etc.) should be posted in the trade confirmation post on the league forum.

Contract length is all based on what the player is willing to sign for, up to a maximum of 5 years.

Contract Incentive Clauses
Teams are permitted to offer contract incentive clauses in their extensions, as well as Free Agency offers. However, the commissioner will review all contracts signed throughout the season to ensure there is no effort made to “take advantage of the system”.

Incentives that can be offered include At Bats, MVP, Innings Pitched, and Cy Young – with the following limits to keep in mind:

Contracts from $300,000 to $5 million: You are only permitted to offer 50% of the guaranteed amount of the contract as incentive. The amount is determined by establishing what the average annual contract's salary is. In other words, if you offer a player a $3 million dollar contract, you could offer a maximum of an additional $1.5 million in total performance bonuses (per season). If this rule is violated, you will be required to raise the guaranteed salary to equal the incentives.

Contracts above $5 million: Your total incentives are capped at a maximum of $2.5 million. This means you can never offer more than $2.5 million in incentives. A violation of this policy will create a fine equal to 50% of the average annual salary in guaranteed dollars!

Option Years: You may include option years in your contract offers, the final year may be no more than 125% of any previous season (e.g. if a player earns no more than $1 million in any given season, his option year may be no more than $1.25 million).

Contract extensions can be made any time during the year or off-season as long as you do it before the players file for free agency.

Waiver Wire
The CBL uses the in-game waiver system. The waiver period lasts for 8 simulation days, which allows all members to see who is available on the waiver wire. All waiver transactions (putting players on waivers, claiming, and removing from waivers) must be done within the game itself.

Roster Limit
Roster size will be limited to 25 men until September 1st. At this time, you may then have as many as 40 players on your Major League roster for the remainder for the regular season.

5. Minor Leagues

The CBL has 4 minor league levels – AAA, AA, A, and rookie.

Age/Experience Restrictions
As the goal of A and AA ball is to encourage development, an age restriction has been set on these two level of minors.

A – Only players up to and including 24 years of age on opening day are eligible to play in A ball.
AA – Only players up to and including 26 years of age on opening day are eligible to play in AA ball.

There is no limit to the age of players in AAA ball.

Rookie league is limited to players with less than 2 years of pro experience and starts soon after the draft. You can see how many years pro experience a player has by going to a roster screen, clicking the "view:" tab, customizing a view, and from the "financial info" tab, checking "pro years". Less than 2 pro years means that having 0 or 1 years is okay, but 2 or more years is not so those players need to be moved elsewhere.

Roster Size Limits
The AAA, AA, and Rookie leagues all have 25 player limits. A-ball has no limit.

Ghost players are used in the minor leagues so that teams can operate with as many or as few minor league players in their system as they wish.

6. Stadiums

Stadium Ratings
There are limits to what your ratings can be. These limits are:

AVG - between 75 and 125
HR - between 75 and 125
2B - between 50 and 150
3B - between 50 and 150

Although not a written rule, the league will make an effort to maintain average league-wide ratings of 100 for each category.

Stadium Changes
Any requested stadium changes are required to be requested on the message board in the "Stadium Changes" forum. Once requested, the proposed changes will be reviewed. The review will consist of ensuring the stadium meets league rules, and that the overall average rating for the league remains around 100.

The following costs are associated with the following stadium rating changes:

ANY AVG: $75,000 per point change between 90 and 110. $100,000 per point for any other change.
ANY HR: $75,000 per point change between 90 and 110. $100,000 per point for any other change.
2B: $50,000 per point change between 80 and 120. $75,000 per point for any other change.
3B: $50,000 per point change between 80 and 120. $75,000 per point for any other change.

There will also be a cost of $500,000 for any other 'major' changes (grass to turf, adding/removing a turf, etc.).

7. Fines and Penalties

Salary Cap
Random checks will be done on a regular basis to see if teams exceed the salary cap. If a team exceeds the cap, the following penalties will be assessed:

(1) upon initial identification of exceeding the cap, a warning will be issued on the league message forum;

(2) two simulations subsequent to the warning being issued, the commissioner will follow up to ensure the team is under the cap. If not under the cap, a cash penalty of $2.5 million will be assessed;

(3) if the team continues to exceed the cap, they will lose their 1st and 2nd round draft pick in the following draft, and an additional penalty of $2.5 million will be assessed.
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Re: 2051-2052 Rule Clean-Up

Post by Winnipeg59 » Sun 16 Nov '14 12:30pm

As for schedules...
I cannot post an .LSDL file attachment, so here's the text of a schedule I constructed (either prior to last season or the one before that). It is INDEED much harder than it looks and took me many hours in Excel. Because of the SIZ of the text in the file, it's broken into several below. Just reassemble if you want to try it out.

It's not without a minor inconvenience:
There are only a couple of places in the season where several teams might encounter 3 or 4 (max I think) days off in a week. But that's about all.

This schedule WILL leave a gap for the All-Star game (I may be wrong, but I think our current one does not).
This schedule does not have extremely long home or away stands nor long series with any one team (3 of 4 games in a row max, then plenty of time between next meeting).
And this schedule is essentially constructed with periods of inter-division, intra-division, inter-league (spread out over several blocks during the season with back-to-back home/aways - no way to avoid that, but travel is not a factor :) ) and it fits the current stipulation of a CBL schedule.

And, as far as I know, you can simply copy what's below (NOTE: the notepad cut and paste left the text and <GAME lines non-indented - I THINK there is a specific way to format the file, but it might work without being nicely indented, just check the manual online), so just manually fix them in notepad once you paste it to make them all lineup below each other) to a simple notepad text file, name it anything you like (there is a convention for that too but you seriously can name it anything) with an .lsdl at the end and then just point to it in the game setup of a similar structure and it should work! I setup a test league with same structure as the CBL just to have a look at it. Try it!!

*** Again, it's been a while - I am not sure the very first line is required, the "<?xml version=" stuff, but include it first anyway.

AND you might have to stipulate Balanced schedule/Balanced interleague in the setup as well...I honestly can't remember at the moment. But it will work once the settings line up.

And it will automatically juggle the teams if you use it in subsequent years (they all do) so it will not be too repetitive for many seasons.

I am NOT trying to push this on the league in any way, but took this as a bit of a challenge to see if I could create it. Not sure I would try again soon! :crazy:

Let me know what you think if you do try it out??????????

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

<SCHEDULE type="ILY_BGY_G162_SL1D3T4T4T4SL2D3T4T4T4" inter_league="1" balanced_games="1" games_per_team="162" start_month="4" start_day="1">
<GAME day="1" time="1905" away="1" home="7" />
<GAME day="1" time="1905" away="2" home="12" />
<GAME day="1" time="1905" away="3" home="6" />
<GAME day="1" time="1905" away="5" home="11" />
<GAME day="1" time="1905" away="8" home="9" />
<GAME day="1" time="1905" away="10" home="4" />
<GAME day="1" time="1905" away="13" home="23" />
<GAME day="1" time="1905" away="18" home="15" />
<GAME day="1" time="1905" away="19" home="16" />
<GAME day="1" time="1905" away="21" home="17" />
<GAME day="1" time="1905" away="22" home="20" />
<GAME day="1" time="1905" away="24" home="14" />
<GAME day="2" time="1905" away="1" home="7" />
<GAME day="2" time="1905" away="2" home="12" />
<GAME day="2" time="1905" away="3" home="6" />
<GAME day="2" time="1905" away="5" home="11" />
<GAME day="2" time="1905" away="8" home="9" />
<GAME day="2" time="1905" away="10" home="4" />
<GAME day="2" time="1905" away="13" home="23" />
<GAME day="2" time="1905" away="18" home="15" />
<GAME day="2" time="1905" away="19" home="16" />
<GAME day="2" time="1905" away="21" home="17" />
<GAME day="2" time="1905" away="22" home="20" />
<GAME day="2" time="1905" away="24" home="14" />
<GAME day="3" time="1905" away="1" home="7" />
<GAME day="3" time="1905" away="2" home="12" />
<GAME day="3" time="1905" away="3" home="6" />
<GAME day="3" time="1905" away="5" home="11" />
<GAME day="3" time="1905" away="8" home="9" />
<GAME day="3" time="1905" away="10" home="4" />
<GAME day="3" time="1905" away="13" home="23" />
<GAME day="3" time="1905" away="18" home="15" />
<GAME day="3" time="1905" away="19" home="16" />
<GAME day="3" time="1905" away="21" home="17" />
<GAME day="3" time="1905" away="22" home="20" />
<GAME day="3" time="1905" away="24" home="14" />
<GAME day="4" time="1905" away="1" home="5" />
<GAME day="4" time="1905" away="2" home="11" />
<GAME day="4" time="1905" away="3" home="8" />
<GAME day="4" time="1905" away="4" home="9" />
<GAME day="4" time="1905" away="10" home="6" />
<GAME day="4" time="1905" away="12" home="7" />
<GAME day="4" time="1905" away="17" home="16" />
<GAME day="4" time="1905" away="18" home="23" />
<GAME day="4" time="1905" away="19" home="24" />
<GAME day="4" time="1905" away="20" home="15" />
<GAME day="4" time="1905" away="21" home="14" />
<GAME day="4" time="1905" away="22" home="13" />
<GAME day="5" time="1905" away="1" home="5" />
<GAME day="5" time="1905" away="2" home="11" />
<GAME day="5" time="1905" away="3" home="8" />
<GAME day="5" time="1905" away="4" home="9" />
<GAME day="5" time="1905" away="10" home="6" />
<GAME day="5" time="1905" away="12" home="7" />
<GAME day="5" time="1905" away="17" home="16" />
<GAME day="5" time="1905" away="18" home="23" />
<GAME day="5" time="1905" away="19" home="24" />
<GAME day="5" time="1905" away="20" home="15" />
<GAME day="5" time="1905" away="21" home="14" />
<GAME day="5" time="1905" away="22" home="13" />
<GAME day="6" time="1905" away="1" home="5" />
<GAME day="6" time="1905" away="2" home="11" />
<GAME day="6" time="1905" away="3" home="8" />
<GAME day="6" time="1905" away="4" home="9" />
<GAME day="6" time="1905" away="10" home="6" />
<GAME day="6" time="1905" away="12" home="7" />
<GAME day="6" time="1905" away="17" home="16" />
<GAME day="6" time="1905" away="18" home="23" />
<GAME day="6" time="1905" away="19" home="24" />
<GAME day="6" time="1905" away="20" home="15" />
<GAME day="6" time="1905" away="21" home="14" />
<GAME day="6" time="1905" away="22" home="13" />
<GAME day="7" time="1905" away="6" home="4" />
<GAME day="7" time="1905" away="7" home="2" />
<GAME day="7" time="1905" away="9" home="3" />
<GAME day="7" time="1905" away="10" home="5" />
<GAME day="7" time="1905" away="11" home="1" />
<GAME day="7" time="1905" away="12" home="8" />
<GAME day="7" time="1905" away="13" home="18" />
<GAME day="7" time="1905" away="14" home="19" />
<GAME day="7" time="1905" away="15" home="22" />
<GAME day="7" time="1905" away="16" home="21" />
<GAME day="7" time="1905" away="17" home="23" />
<GAME day="7" time="1905" away="20" home="24" />
<GAME day="8" time="1905" away="6" home="4" />
<GAME day="8" time="1905" away="7" home="2" />
<GAME day="8" time="1905" away="9" home="3" />
<GAME day="8" time="1905" away="10" home="5" />
<GAME day="8" time="1905" away="11" home="1" />
<GAME day="8" time="1905" away="12" home="8" />
<GAME day="8" time="1905" away="13" home="18" />
<GAME day="8" time="1905" away="14" home="19" />
<GAME day="8" time="1905" away="15" home="22" />
<GAME day="8" time="1905" away="16" home="21" />
<GAME day="8" time="1905" away="17" home="23" />
<GAME day="8" time="1905" away="20" home="24" />
<GAME day="9" time="1905" away="6" home="4" />
<GAME day="9" time="1905" away="7" home="2" />
<GAME day="9" time="1905" away="9" home="3" />
<GAME day="9" time="1905" away="10" home="5" />
<GAME day="9" time="1905" away="11" home="1" />
<GAME day="9" time="1905" away="12" home="8" />
<GAME day="9" time="1905" away="13" home="18" />
<GAME day="9" time="1905" away="14" home="19" />
<GAME day="9" time="1905" away="15" home="22" />
<GAME day="9" time="1905" away="16" home="21" />
<GAME day="9" time="1905" away="17" home="23" />
<GAME day="9" time="1905" away="20" home="24" />
<GAME day="10" time="1905" away="1" home="10" />
<GAME day="10" time="1905" away="2" home="8" />
<GAME day="10" time="1905" away="7" home="11" />
<GAME day="10" time="1905" away="20" home="14" />
<GAME day="10" time="1905" away="23" home="16" />
<GAME day="11" time="1905" away="1" home="10" />
<GAME day="11" time="1905" away="2" home="8" />
<GAME day="11" time="1905" away="5" home="4" />
<GAME day="11" time="1905" away="6" home="9" />
<GAME day="11" time="1905" away="7" home="11" />
<GAME day="11" time="1905" away="12" home="3" />
<GAME day="11" time="1905" away="15" home="24" />
<GAME day="11" time="1905" away="17" home="13" />
<GAME day="11" time="1905" away="20" home="14" />
<GAME day="11" time="1905" away="21" home="19" />
<GAME day="11" time="1905" away="22" home="18" />
<GAME day="11" time="1905" away="23" home="16" />
<GAME day="12" time="1905" away="1" home="10" />
<GAME day="12" time="1905" away="2" home="8" />
<GAME day="12" time="1905" away="5" home="4" />
<GAME day="12" time="1905" away="6" home="9" />
<GAME day="12" time="1905" away="7" home="11" />
<GAME day="12" time="1905" away="12" home="3" />
<GAME day="12" time="1905" away="15" home="24" />
<GAME day="12" time="1905" away="17" home="13" />
<GAME day="12" time="1905" away="20" home="14" />
<GAME day="12" time="1905" away="21" home="19" />
<GAME day="12" time="1905" away="22" home="18" />
<GAME day="12" time="1905" away="23" home="16" />
<GAME day="13" time="1905" away="5" home="4" />
<GAME day="13" time="1905" away="6" home="9" />
<GAME day="13" time="1905" away="12" home="3" />
<GAME day="13" time="1905" away="15" home="24" />
<GAME day="13" time="1905" away="17" home="13" />
<GAME day="13" time="1905" away="21" home="19" />
<GAME day="13" time="1905" away="22" home="18" />
<GAME day="14" time="1905" away="2" home="1" />
<GAME day="14" time="1905" away="4" home="3" />
<GAME day="14" time="1905" away="5" home="6" />
<GAME day="14" time="1905" away="8" home="7" />
<GAME day="14" time="1905" away="9" home="12" />
<GAME day="14" time="1905" away="10" home="11" />
<GAME day="14" time="1905" away="13" home="15" />
<GAME day="14" time="1905" away="14" home="16" />
<GAME day="14" time="1905" away="18" home="17" />
<GAME day="14" time="1905" away="19" home="20" />
<GAME day="14" time="1905" away="21" home="23" />
<GAME day="14" time="1905" away="24" home="22" />
<GAME day="15" time="1905" away="2" home="1" />
<GAME day="15" time="1905" away="4" home="3" />
<GAME day="15" time="1905" away="5" home="6" />
<GAME day="15" time="1905" away="8" home="7" />
<GAME day="15" time="1905" away="9" home="12" />
<GAME day="15" time="1905" away="10" home="11" />
<GAME day="15" time="1905" away="13" home="15" />
<GAME day="15" time="1905" away="14" home="16" />
<GAME day="15" time="1905" away="18" home="17" />
<GAME day="15" time="1905" away="19" home="20" />
<GAME day="15" time="1905" away="21" home="23" />
<GAME day="15" time="1905" away="24" home="22" />
<GAME day="16" time="1905" away="2" home="1" />
<GAME day="16" time="1905" away="4" home="3" />
<GAME day="16" time="1905" away="5" home="6" />
<GAME day="16" time="1905" away="8" home="7" />
<GAME day="16" time="1905" away="9" home="12" />
<GAME day="16" time="1905" away="10" home="11" />
<GAME day="16" time="1905" away="13" home="15" />
<GAME day="16" time="1905" away="14" home="16" />
<GAME day="16" time="1905" away="18" home="17" />
<GAME day="16" time="1905" away="19" home="20" />
<GAME day="16" time="1905" away="21" home="23" />
<GAME day="16" time="1905" away="24" home="22" />
<GAME day="17" time="1905" away="2" home="1" />
<GAME day="17" time="1905" away="8" home="7" />
<GAME day="17" time="1905" away="12" home="11" />
<GAME day="17" time="1905" away="14" home="15" />
<GAME day="17" time="1905" away="17" home="19" />
<GAME day="17" time="1905" away="21" home="23" />
<GAME day="17" time="1905" away="24" home="22" />
<GAME day="18" time="1905" away="1" home="4" />
<GAME day="18" time="1905" away="2" home="3" />
<GAME day="18" time="1905" away="6" home="8" />
<GAME day="18" time="1905" away="7" home="5" />
<GAME day="18" time="1905" away="9" home="10" />
<GAME day="18" time="1905" away="12" home="11" />
<GAME day="18" time="1905" away="14" home="15" />
<GAME day="18" time="1905" away="16" home="13" />
<GAME day="18" time="1905" away="17" home="19" />
<GAME day="18" time="1905" away="18" home="20" />
<GAME day="18" time="1905" away="23" home="22" />
<GAME day="18" time="1905" away="24" home="21" />
<GAME day="19" time="1905" away="1" home="4" />
<GAME day="19" time="1905" away="2" home="3" />
<GAME day="19" time="1905" away="6" home="8" />
<GAME day="19" time="1905" away="7" home="5" />
<GAME day="19" time="1905" away="9" home="10" />
<GAME day="19" time="1905" away="12" home="11" />
<GAME day="19" time="1905" away="14" home="15" />
<GAME day="19" time="1905" away="16" home="13" />
<GAME day="19" time="1905" away="17" home="19" />
<GAME day="19" time="1905" away="18" home="20" />
<GAME day="19" time="1905" away="23" home="22" />
<GAME day="19" time="1905" away="24" home="21" />
<GAME day="20" time="1905" away="1" home="4" />
<GAME day="20" time="1905" away="2" home="3" />
<GAME day="20" time="1905" away="6" home="8" />
<GAME day="20" time="1905" away="7" home="5" />
<GAME day="20" time="1905" away="9" home="10" />
<GAME day="20" time="1905" away="12" home="11" />
<GAME day="20" time="1905" away="14" home="15" />
<GAME day="20" time="1905" away="16" home="13" />
<GAME day="20" time="1905" away="17" home="19" />
<GAME day="20" time="1905" away="18" home="20" />
<GAME day="20" time="1905" away="23" home="22" />
<GAME day="20" time="1905" away="24" home="21" />
<GAME day="21" time="1905" away="1" home="4" />
<GAME day="21" time="1905" away="6" home="8" />
<GAME day="21" time="1905" away="7" home="5" />
<GAME day="21" time="1905" away="9" home="10" />
<GAME day="21" time="1905" away="16" home="13" />
<GAME day="21" time="1905" away="18" home="20" />
<GAME day="21" time="1905" away="23" home="22" />
<GAME day="21" time="1905" away="24" home="21" />
<GAME day="22" time="1905" away="4" home="8" />
<GAME day="22" time="1905" away="5" home="2" />
<GAME day="22" time="1905" away="7" home="9" />
<GAME day="22" time="1905" away="10" home="3" />
<GAME day="22" time="1905" away="11" home="6" />
<GAME day="22" time="1905" away="12" home="1" />
<GAME day="22" time="1905" away="14" home="17" />
<GAME day="22" time="1905" away="15" home="23" />
<GAME day="22" time="1905" away="16" home="24" />
<GAME day="22" time="1905" away="18" home="21" />
<GAME day="22" time="1905" away="20" home="13" />
<GAME day="22" time="1905" away="22" home="19" />
<GAME day="23" time="1905" away="4" home="8" />
<GAME day="23" time="1905" away="5" home="2" />
<GAME day="23" time="1905" away="7" home="9" />
<GAME day="23" time="1905" away="10" home="3" />
<GAME day="23" time="1905" away="11" home="6" />
<GAME day="23" time="1905" away="12" home="1" />
<GAME day="23" time="1905" away="14" home="17" />
<GAME day="23" time="1905" away="15" home="23" />
<GAME day="23" time="1905" away="16" home="24" />
<GAME day="23" time="1905" away="18" home="21" />
<GAME day="23" time="1905" away="20" home="13" />
<GAME day="23" time="1905" away="22" home="19" />
<GAME day="24" time="1905" away="4" home="8" />
<GAME day="24" time="1905" away="5" home="2" />
<GAME day="24" time="1905" away="7" home="9" />
<GAME day="24" time="1905" away="10" home="3" />
<GAME day="24" time="1905" away="11" home="6" />
<GAME day="24" time="1905" away="12" home="1" />
<GAME day="24" time="1905" away="14" home="17" />
<GAME day="24" time="1905" away="15" home="23" />
<GAME day="24" time="1905" away="16" home="24" />
<GAME day="24" time="1905" away="18" home="21" />
<GAME day="24" time="1905" away="20" home="13" />
<GAME day="24" time="1905" away="22" home="19" />
<GAME day="25" time="1905" away="1" home="9" />
<GAME day="25" time="1905" away="2" home="6" />
<GAME day="25" time="1905" away="3" home="11" />
<GAME day="25" time="1905" away="4" home="7" />
<GAME day="25" time="1905" away="5" home="12" />
<GAME day="25" time="1905" away="8" home="10" />
<GAME day="25" time="1905" away="18" home="14" />
<GAME day="25" time="1905" away="19" home="13" />
<GAME day="25" time="1905" away="21" home="15" />
<GAME day="25" time="1905" away="24" home="17" />
<GAME day="26" time="1905" away="1" home="9" />
<GAME day="26" time="1905" away="2" home="6" />
<GAME day="26" time="1905" away="3" home="11" />
<GAME day="26" time="1905" away="4" home="7" />
<GAME day="26" time="1905" away="5" home="12" />
<GAME day="26" time="1905" away="8" home="10" />
<GAME day="26" time="1905" away="18" home="14" />
<GAME day="26" time="1905" away="19" home="13" />
<GAME day="26" time="1905" away="21" home="15" />
<GAME day="26" time="1905" away="22" home="16" />
<GAME day="26" time="1905" away="23" home="20" />
<GAME day="26" time="1905" away="24" home="17" />
<GAME day="27" time="1905" away="1" home="9" />
<GAME day="27" time="1905" away="2" home="6" />
<GAME day="27" time="1905" away="3" home="11" />
<GAME day="27" time="1905" away="4" home="7" />
<GAME day="27" time="1905" away="5" home="12" />
<GAME day="27" time="1905" away="8" home="10" />
<GAME day="27" time="1905" away="18" home="14" />
<GAME day="27" time="1905" away="19" home="13" />
<GAME day="27" time="1905" away="21" home="15" />
<GAME day="27" time="1905" away="22" home="16" />
<GAME day="27" time="1905" away="23" home="20" />
<GAME day="27" time="1905" away="24" home="17" />
<GAME day="28" time="1905" away="9" home="5" />
<GAME day="28" time="1905" away="10" home="2" />
<GAME day="28" time="1905" away="15" home="19" />
<GAME day="28" time="1905" away="22" home="16" />
<GAME day="28" time="1905" away="23" home="20" />
<GAME day="29" time="1905" away="6" home="1" />
<GAME day="29" time="1905" away="7" home="3" />
<GAME day="29" time="1905" away="9" home="5" />
<GAME day="29" time="1905" away="10" home="2" />
<GAME day="29" time="1905" away="11" home="8" />
<GAME day="29" time="1905" away="12" home="4" />
<GAME day="29" time="1905" away="13" home="24" />
<GAME day="29" time="1905" away="14" home="23" />
<GAME day="29" time="1905" away="15" home="19" />
<GAME day="29" time="1905" away="16" home="18" />
<GAME day="29" time="1905" away="17" home="22" />
<GAME day="29" time="1905" away="20" home="21" />
<GAME day="30" time="1905" away="6" home="1" />
<GAME day="30" time="1905" away="7" home="3" />
<GAME day="30" time="1905" away="9" home="5" />
<GAME day="30" time="1905" away="10" home="2" />
<GAME day="30" time="1905" away="11" home="8" />
<GAME day="30" time="1905" away="12" home="4" />
<GAME day="30" time="1905" away="13" home="24" />
<GAME day="30" time="1905" away="14" home="23" />
<GAME day="30" time="1905" away="15" home="19" />
<GAME day="30" time="1905" away="16" home="18" />
<GAME day="30" time="1905" away="17" home="22" />
<GAME day="30" time="1905" away="20" home="21" />
<GAME day="31" time="1905" away="6" home="1" />
<GAME day="31" time="1905" away="7" home="3" />
<GAME day="31" time="1905" away="11" home="8" />
<GAME day="31" time="1905" away="12" home="4" />
<GAME day="31" time="1905" away="13" home="24" />
<GAME day="31" time="1905" away="14" home="23" />
<GAME day="31" time="1905" away="16" home="18" />
<GAME day="31" time="1905" away="17" home="22" />
<GAME day="31" time="1905" away="20" home="21" />
<GAME day="32" time="1905" away="3" home="5" />
<GAME day="32" time="1905" away="7" home="10" />
<GAME day="32" time="1905" away="8" home="1" />
<GAME day="32" time="1905" away="9" home="2" />
<GAME day="32" time="1905" away="11" home="4" />
<GAME day="32" time="1905" away="12" home="6" />
<GAME day="32" time="1905" away="13" home="21" />
<GAME day="32" time="1905" away="14" home="22" />
<GAME day="32" time="1905" away="17" home="15" />
<GAME day="32" time="1905" away="18" home="24" />
<GAME day="32" time="1905" away="20" home="16" />
<GAME day="32" time="1905" away="23" home="19" />
<GAME day="33" time="1905" away="3" home="5" />
<GAME day="33" time="1905" away="7" home="10" />
<GAME day="33" time="1905" away="8" home="1" />
<GAME day="33" time="1905" away="9" home="2" />
<GAME day="33" time="1905" away="11" home="4" />
<GAME day="33" time="1905" away="12" home="6" />
<GAME day="33" time="1905" away="13" home="21" />
<GAME day="33" time="1905" away="14" home="22" />
<GAME day="33" time="1905" away="17" home="15" />
<GAME day="33" time="1905" away="18" home="24" />
<GAME day="33" time="1905" away="20" home="16" />
<GAME day="33" time="1905" away="23" home="19" />
<GAME day="34" time="1905" away="3" home="5" />
<GAME day="34" time="1905" away="7" home="10" />
<GAME day="34" time="1905" away="8" home="1" />
<GAME day="34" time="1905" away="9" home="2" />
<GAME day="34" time="1905" away="11" home="4" />
<GAME day="34" time="1905" away="12" home="6" />
<GAME day="34" time="1905" away="13" home="21" />
<GAME day="34" time="1905" away="14" home="22" />
<GAME day="34" time="1905" away="17" home="15" />
<GAME day="34" time="1905" away="18" home="24" />
<GAME day="34" time="1905" away="20" home="16" />
<GAME day="34" time="1905" away="23" home="19" />
<GAME day="35" time="1905" away="13" home="4" />
<GAME day="35" time="1905" away="14" home="2" />
<GAME day="35" time="1905" away="15" home="3" />
<GAME day="35" time="1905" away="16" home="1" />
<GAME day="35" time="1905" away="17" home="5" />
<GAME day="35" time="1905" away="18" home="6" />
<GAME day="35" time="1905" away="19" home="7" />
<GAME day="35" time="1905" away="20" home="8" />
<GAME day="35" time="1905" away="21" home="11" />
<GAME day="35" time="1905" away="22" home="9" />
<GAME day="35" time="1905" away="23" home="10" />
<GAME day="35" time="1905" away="24" home="12" />
<GAME day="36" time="1905" away="1" home="16" />
<GAME day="36" time="1905" away="2" home="14" />
<GAME day="36" time="1905" away="3" home="15" />
<GAME day="36" time="1905" away="4" home="13" />
<GAME day="36" time="1905" away="5" home="17" />
<GAME day="36" time="1905" away="6" home="18" />
<GAME day="36" time="1905" away="7" home="19" />
<GAME day="36" time="1905" away="8" home="20" />
<GAME day="36" time="1905" away="9" home="22" />
<GAME day="36" time="1905" away="10" home="23" />
<GAME day="36" time="1905" away="11" home="21" />
<GAME day="36" time="1905" away="12" home="24" />
<GAME day="37" time="1905" away="1" home="20" />
<GAME day="37" time="1905" away="2" home="19" />
<GAME day="37" time="1905" away="3" home="17" />
<GAME day="37" time="1905" away="4" home="18" />
<GAME day="37" time="1905" away="5" home="22" />
<GAME day="37" time="1905" away="6" home="24" />
<GAME day="37" time="1905" away="7" home="23" />
<GAME day="37" time="1905" away="8" home="21" />
<GAME day="37" time="1905" away="9" home="15" />
<GAME day="37" time="1905" away="10" home="14" />
<GAME day="37" time="1905" away="11" home="16" />
<GAME day="37" time="1905" away="12" home="13" />
<GAME day="38" time="1905" away="13" home="12" />
<GAME day="38" time="1905" away="14" home="10" />
<GAME day="38" time="1905" away="15" home="9" />
<GAME day="38" time="1905" away="16" home="11" />
<GAME day="38" time="1905" away="17" home="3" />
<GAME day="38" time="1905" away="18" home="4" />
<GAME day="38" time="1905" away="19" home="2" />
<GAME day="38" time="1905" away="20" home="1" />
<GAME day="38" time="1905" away="21" home="8" />
<GAME day="38" time="1905" away="22" home="5" />
<GAME day="38" time="1905" away="23" home="7" />
<GAME day="38" time="1905" away="24" home="6" />
<GAME day="39" time="1905" away="13" home="5" />
<GAME day="39" time="1905" away="14" home="8" />
<GAME day="39" time="1905" away="15" home="6" />
<GAME day="39" time="1905" away="16" home="7" />
<GAME day="39" time="1905" away="17" home="12" />
<GAME day="39" time="1905" away="18" home="9" />
<GAME day="39" time="1905" away="19" home="11" />
<GAME day="39" time="1905" away="20" home="10" />
<GAME day="39" time="1905" away="21" home="2" />
<GAME day="39" time="1905" away="22" home="4" />
<GAME day="39" time="1905" away="23" home="1" />
<GAME day="39" time="1905" away="24" home="3" />
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Re: 2051-2052 Rule Clean-Up

Post by Winnipeg59 » Sun 16 Nov '14 12:31pm

<GAME day="40" time="1905" away="1" home="23" />
<GAME day="40" time="1905" away="2" home="21" />
<GAME day="40" time="1905" away="3" home="24" />
<GAME day="40" time="1905" away="4" home="22" />
<GAME day="40" time="1905" away="5" home="13" />
<GAME day="40" time="1905" away="6" home="15" />
<GAME day="40" time="1905" away="7" home="16" />
<GAME day="40" time="1905" away="8" home="14" />
<GAME day="40" time="1905" away="9" home="18" />
<GAME day="40" time="1905" away="10" home="20" />
<GAME day="40" time="1905" away="11" home="19" />
<GAME day="40" time="1905" away="12" home="17" />
<GAME day="41" time="1905" away="2" home="10" />
<GAME day="41" time="1905" away="4" home="12" />
<GAME day="41" time="1905" away="5" home="9" />
<GAME day="41" time="1905" away="8" home="11" />
<GAME day="41" time="1905" away="24" home="15" />
<GAME day="42" time="1905" away="1" home="6" />
<GAME day="42" time="1905" away="2" home="10" />
<GAME day="42" time="1905" away="3" home="7" />
<GAME day="42" time="1905" away="4" home="12" />
<GAME day="42" time="1905" away="5" home="9" />
<GAME day="42" time="1905" away="8" home="11" />
<GAME day="42" time="1905" away="14" home="21" />
<GAME day="42" time="1905" away="16" home="17" />
<GAME day="42" time="1905" away="18" home="22" />
<GAME day="42" time="1905" away="19" home="23" />
<GAME day="42" time="1905" away="20" home="13" />
<GAME day="42" time="1905" away="24" home="15" />
<GAME day="43" time="1905" away="1" home="6" />
<GAME day="43" time="1905" away="2" home="10" />
<GAME day="43" time="1905" away="3" home="7" />
<GAME day="43" time="1905" away="4" home="12" />
<GAME day="43" time="1905" away="5" home="9" />
<GAME day="43" time="1905" away="8" home="11" />
<GAME day="43" time="1905" away="14" home="21" />
<GAME day="43" time="1905" away="16" home="17" />
<GAME day="43" time="1905" away="18" home="22" />
<GAME day="43" time="1905" away="19" home="23" />
<GAME day="43" time="1905" away="20" home="13" />
<GAME day="43" time="1905" away="24" home="15" />
<GAME day="44" time="1905" away="1" home="6" />
<GAME day="44" time="1905" away="3" home="7" />
<GAME day="44" time="1905" away="4" home="9" />
<GAME day="44" time="1905" away="14" home="21" />
<GAME day="44" time="1905" away="16" home="17" />
<GAME day="44" time="1905" away="18" home="22" />
<GAME day="44" time="1905" away="19" home="23" />
<GAME day="44" time="1905" away="20" home="13" />
<GAME day="45" time="1905" away="1" home="5" />
<GAME day="45" time="1905" away="4" home="9" />
<GAME day="45" time="1905" away="6" home="10" />
<GAME day="45" time="1905" away="7" home="3" />
<GAME day="45" time="1905" away="8" home="12" />
<GAME day="45" time="1905" away="11" home="2" />
<GAME day="45" time="1905" away="16" home="23" />
<GAME day="45" time="1905" away="17" home="14" />
<GAME day="45" time="1905" away="19" home="15" />
<GAME day="45" time="1905" away="21" home="18" />
<GAME day="45" time="1905" away="22" home="20" />
<GAME day="45" time="1905" away="24" home="13" />
<GAME day="46" time="1905" away="1" home="5" />
<GAME day="46" time="1905" away="4" home="9" />
<GAME day="46" time="1905" away="6" home="10" />
<GAME day="46" time="1905" away="7" home="3" />
<GAME day="46" time="1905" away="8" home="12" />
<GAME day="46" time="1905" away="11" home="2" />
<GAME day="46" time="1905" away="16" home="23" />
<GAME day="46" time="1905" away="17" home="14" />
<GAME day="46" time="1905" away="19" home="15" />
<GAME day="46" time="1905" away="21" home="18" />
<GAME day="46" time="1905" away="22" home="20" />
<GAME day="46" time="1905" away="24" home="13" />
<GAME day="47" time="1905" away="1" home="5" />
<GAME day="47" time="1905" away="6" home="10" />
<GAME day="47" time="1905" away="7" home="3" />
<GAME day="47" time="1905" away="8" home="12" />
<GAME day="47" time="1905" away="11" home="2" />
<GAME day="47" time="1905" away="16" home="23" />
<GAME day="47" time="1905" away="17" home="14" />
<GAME day="47" time="1905" away="19" home="15" />
<GAME day="47" time="1905" away="21" home="18" />
<GAME day="47" time="1905" away="22" home="20" />
<GAME day="47" time="1905" away="24" home="13" />
<GAME day="48" time="1905" away="5" home="3" />
<GAME day="48" time="1905" away="6" home="12" />
<GAME day="48" time="1905" away="7" home="11" />
<GAME day="48" time="1905" away="8" home="4" />
<GAME day="48" time="1905" away="9" home="2" />
<GAME day="48" time="1905" away="10" home="1" />
<GAME day="48" time="1905" away="13" home="17" />
<GAME day="48" time="1905" away="15" home="23" />
<GAME day="48" time="1905" away="18" home="16" />
<GAME day="48" time="1905" away="20" home="21" />
<GAME day="48" time="1905" away="24" home="19" />
<GAME day="49" time="1905" away="5" home="3" />
<GAME day="49" time="1905" away="6" home="12" />
<GAME day="49" time="1905" away="7" home="11" />
<GAME day="49" time="1905" away="8" home="4" />
<GAME day="49" time="1905" away="9" home="2" />
<GAME day="49" time="1905" away="10" home="1" />
<GAME day="49" time="1905" away="13" home="17" />
<GAME day="49" time="1905" away="15" home="23" />
<GAME day="49" time="1905" away="18" home="16" />
<GAME day="49" time="1905" away="20" home="21" />
<GAME day="49" time="1905" away="24" home="19" />
<GAME day="50" time="1905" away="5" home="3" />
<GAME day="50" time="1905" away="6" home="12" />
<GAME day="50" time="1905" away="7" home="11" />
<GAME day="50" time="1905" away="8" home="4" />
<GAME day="50" time="1905" away="9" home="2" />
<GAME day="50" time="1905" away="10" home="1" />
<GAME day="50" time="1905" away="13" home="17" />
<GAME day="50" time="1905" away="15" home="23" />
<GAME day="50" time="1905" away="18" home="16" />
<GAME day="50" time="1905" away="20" home="21" />
<GAME day="50" time="1905" away="24" home="19" />
<GAME day="51" time="1905" away="3" home="1" />
<GAME day="51" time="1905" away="11" home="9" />
<GAME day="51" time="1905" away="14" home="13" />
<GAME day="51" time="1905" away="19" home="18" />
<GAME day="51" time="1905" away="21" home="22" />
<GAME day="52" time="1905" away="2" home="4" />
<GAME day="52" time="1905" away="3" home="1" />
<GAME day="52" time="1905" away="5" home="8" />
<GAME day="52" time="1905" away="6" home="7" />
<GAME day="52" time="1905" away="11" home="9" />
<GAME day="52" time="1905" away="12" home="10" />
<GAME day="52" time="1905" away="14" home="13" />
<GAME day="52" time="1905" away="16" home="15" />
<GAME day="52" time="1905" away="19" home="18" />
<GAME day="52" time="1905" away="20" home="17" />
<GAME day="52" time="1905" away="21" home="22" />
<GAME day="52" time="1905" away="23" home="24" />
<GAME day="53" time="1905" away="2" home="4" />
<GAME day="53" time="1905" away="3" home="1" />
<GAME day="53" time="1905" away="5" home="8" />
<GAME day="53" time="1905" away="6" home="7" />
<GAME day="53" time="1905" away="11" home="9" />
<GAME day="53" time="1905" away="12" home="10" />
<GAME day="53" time="1905" away="14" home="13" />
<GAME day="53" time="1905" away="16" home="15" />
<GAME day="53" time="1905" away="19" home="18" />
<GAME day="53" time="1905" away="20" home="17" />
<GAME day="53" time="1905" away="21" home="22" />
<GAME day="53" time="1905" away="23" home="24" />
<GAME day="54" time="1905" away="2" home="4" />
<GAME day="54" time="1905" away="3" home="1" />
<GAME day="54" time="1905" away="5" home="8" />
<GAME day="54" time="1905" away="6" home="7" />
<GAME day="54" time="1905" away="11" home="9" />
<GAME day="54" time="1905" away="12" home="10" />
<GAME day="54" time="1905" away="14" home="13" />
<GAME day="54" time="1905" away="16" home="15" />
<GAME day="54" time="1905" away="19" home="18" />
<GAME day="54" time="1905" away="20" home="17" />
<GAME day="54" time="1905" away="21" home="22" />
<GAME day="54" time="1905" away="23" home="24" />
<GAME day="55" time="1905" away="2" home="4" />
<GAME day="55" time="1905" away="5" home="8" />
<GAME day="55" time="1905" away="6" home="7" />
<GAME day="55" time="1905" away="12" home="10" />
<GAME day="55" time="1905" away="16" home="15" />
<GAME day="55" time="1905" away="20" home="17" />
<GAME day="55" time="1905" away="23" home="24" />
<GAME day="56" time="1905" away="1" home="2" />
<GAME day="56" time="1905" away="3" home="4" />
<GAME day="56" time="1905" away="5" home="6" />
<GAME day="56" time="1905" away="7" home="8" />
<GAME day="56" time="1905" away="9" home="12" />
<GAME day="56" time="1905" away="11" home="10" />
<GAME day="56" time="1905" away="14" home="16" />
<GAME day="56" time="1905" away="15" home="13" />
<GAME day="56" time="1905" away="17" home="18" />
<GAME day="56" time="1905" away="20" home="19" />
<GAME day="56" time="1905" away="23" home="21" />
<GAME day="56" time="1905" away="24" home="22" />
<GAME day="57" time="1905" away="1" home="2" />
<GAME day="57" time="1905" away="3" home="4" />
<GAME day="57" time="1905" away="5" home="6" />
<GAME day="57" time="1905" away="7" home="8" />
<GAME day="57" time="1905" away="9" home="12" />
<GAME day="57" time="1905" away="11" home="10" />
<GAME day="57" time="1905" away="14" home="16" />
<GAME day="57" time="1905" away="15" home="13" />
<GAME day="57" time="1905" away="17" home="18" />
<GAME day="57" time="1905" away="20" home="19" />
<GAME day="57" time="1905" away="23" home="21" />
<GAME day="57" time="1905" away="24" home="22" />
<GAME day="58" time="1905" away="1" home="2" />
<GAME day="58" time="1905" away="3" home="4" />
<GAME day="58" time="1905" away="5" home="6" />
<GAME day="58" time="1905" away="7" home="8" />
<GAME day="58" time="1905" away="9" home="12" />
<GAME day="58" time="1905" away="11" home="10" />
<GAME day="58" time="1905" away="14" home="16" />
<GAME day="58" time="1905" away="15" home="13" />
<GAME day="58" time="1905" away="17" home="18" />
<GAME day="58" time="1905" away="20" home="19" />
<GAME day="58" time="1905" away="23" home="21" />
<GAME day="58" time="1905" away="24" home="22" />
<GAME day="59" time="1905" away="3" home="4" />
<GAME day="59" time="1905" away="5" home="6" />
<GAME day="59" time="1905" away="9" home="12" />
<GAME day="59" time="1905" away="11" home="10" />
<GAME day="59" time="1905" away="14" home="16" />
<GAME day="59" time="1905" away="15" home="13" />
<GAME day="59" time="1905" away="17" home="18" />
<GAME day="59" time="1905" away="20" home="19" />
<GAME day="60" time="1905" away="1" home="13" />
<GAME day="60" time="1905" away="2" home="15" />
<GAME day="60" time="1905" away="3" home="14" />
<GAME day="60" time="1905" away="4" home="16" />
<GAME day="60" time="1905" away="5" home="19" />
<GAME day="60" time="1905" away="6" home="20" />
<GAME day="60" time="1905" away="7" home="17" />
<GAME day="60" time="1905" away="8" home="18" />
<GAME day="60" time="1905" away="9" home="23" />
<GAME day="60" time="1905" away="10" home="22" />
<GAME day="60" time="1905" away="11" home="24" />
<GAME day="60" time="1905" away="12" home="21" />
<GAME day="61" time="1905" away="13" home="1" />
<GAME day="61" time="1905" away="14" home="3" />
<GAME day="61" time="1905" away="15" home="2" />
<GAME day="61" time="1905" away="16" home="4" />
<GAME day="61" time="1905" away="17" home="7" />
<GAME day="61" time="1905" away="18" home="8" />
<GAME day="61" time="1905" away="19" home="5" />
<GAME day="61" time="1905" away="20" home="6" />
<GAME day="61" time="1905" away="21" home="12" />
<GAME day="61" time="1905" away="22" home="10" />
<GAME day="61" time="1905" away="23" home="9" />
<GAME day="61" time="1905" away="24" home="11" />
<GAME day="62" time="1905" away="13" home="9" />
<GAME day="62" time="1905" away="14" home="11" />
<GAME day="62" time="1905" away="15" home="12" />
<GAME day="62" time="1905" away="16" home="10" />
<GAME day="62" time="1905" away="17" home="4" />
<GAME day="62" time="1905" away="18" home="3" />
<GAME day="62" time="1905" away="19" home="1" />
<GAME day="62" time="1905" away="20" home="2" />
<GAME day="62" time="1905" away="21" home="7" />
<GAME day="62" time="1905" away="22" home="6" />
<GAME day="62" time="1905" away="23" home="8" />
<GAME day="62" time="1905" away="24" home="5" />
<GAME day="63" time="1905" away="1" home="19" />
<GAME day="63" time="1905" away="2" home="20" />
<GAME day="63" time="1905" away="3" home="18" />
<GAME day="63" time="1905" away="4" home="17" />
<GAME day="63" time="1905" away="5" home="24" />
<GAME day="63" time="1905" away="6" home="22" />
<GAME day="63" time="1905" away="7" home="21" />
<GAME day="63" time="1905" away="8" home="23" />
<GAME day="63" time="1905" away="9" home="13" />
<GAME day="63" time="1905" away="10" home="16" />
<GAME day="63" time="1905" away="11" home="14" />
<GAME day="63" time="1905" away="12" home="15" />
<GAME day="64" time="1905" away="1" home="17" />
<GAME day="64" time="1905" away="2" home="18" />
<GAME day="64" time="1905" away="3" home="20" />
<GAME day="64" time="1905" away="4" home="19" />
<GAME day="64" time="1905" away="5" home="21" />
<GAME day="64" time="1905" away="6" home="23" />
<GAME day="64" time="1905" away="7" home="24" />
<GAME day="64" time="1905" away="8" home="22" />
<GAME day="64" time="1905" away="9" home="16" />
<GAME day="64" time="1905" away="10" home="13" />
<GAME day="64" time="1905" away="11" home="15" />
<GAME day="64" time="1905" away="12" home="14" />
<GAME day="65" time="1905" away="13" home="10" />
<GAME day="65" time="1905" away="14" home="12" />
<GAME day="65" time="1905" away="15" home="11" />
<GAME day="65" time="1905" away="16" home="9" />
<GAME day="65" time="1905" away="17" home="1" />
<GAME day="65" time="1905" away="18" home="2" />
<GAME day="65" time="1905" away="19" home="4" />
<GAME day="65" time="1905" away="20" home="3" />
<GAME day="65" time="1905" away="21" home="5" />
<GAME day="65" time="1905" away="22" home="8" />
<GAME day="65" time="1905" away="23" home="6" />
<GAME day="65" time="1905" away="24" home="7" />
<GAME day="66" time="1905" away="8" home="1" />
<GAME day="66" time="1905" away="3" home="10" />
<GAME day="66" time="1905" away="12" home="6" />
<GAME day="66" time="1905" away="19" home="21" />
<GAME day="66" time="1905" away="20" home="24" />
<GAME day="66" time="1905" away="23" home="14" />
<GAME day="67" time="1905" away="8" home="1" />
<GAME day="67" time="1905" away="2" home="9" />
<GAME day="67" time="1905" away="3" home="10" />
<GAME day="67" time="1905" away="4" home="5" />
<GAME day="67" time="1905" away="11" home="7" />
<GAME day="67" time="1905" away="12" home="6" />
<GAME day="67" time="1905" away="15" home="18" />
<GAME day="67" time="1905" away="19" home="21" />
<GAME day="67" time="1905" away="20" home="24" />
<GAME day="67" time="1905" away="22" home="17" />
<GAME day="67" time="1905" away="23" home="14" />
<GAME day="68" time="1905" away="8" home="1" />
<GAME day="68" time="1905" away="2" home="9" />
<GAME day="68" time="1905" away="3" home="10" />
<GAME day="68" time="1905" away="4" home="5" />
<GAME day="68" time="1905" away="11" home="7" />
<GAME day="68" time="1905" away="12" home="6" />
<GAME day="68" time="1905" away="15" home="18" />
<GAME day="68" time="1905" away="19" home="21" />
<GAME day="68" time="1905" away="20" home="24" />
<GAME day="68" time="1905" away="22" home="17" />
<GAME day="68" time="1905" away="23" home="14" />
<GAME day="69" time="1905" away="2" home="9" />
<GAME day="69" time="1905" away="3" home="8" />
<GAME day="69" time="1905" away="4" home="5" />
<GAME day="69" time="1905" away="11" home="7" />
<GAME day="69" time="1905" away="13" home="23" />
<GAME day="69" time="1905" away="15" home="18" />
<GAME day="69" time="1905" away="21" home="16" />
<GAME day="69" time="1905" away="22" home="17" />
<GAME day="70" time="1905" away="3" home="8" />
<GAME day="70" time="1905" away="6" home="2" />
<GAME day="70" time="1905" away="7" home="4" />
<GAME day="70" time="1905" away="12" home="1" />
<GAME day="70" time="1905" away="13" home="23" />
<GAME day="70" time="1905" away="14" home="20" />
<GAME day="70" time="1905" away="19" home="22" />
<GAME day="70" time="1905" away="21" home="16" />
<GAME day="70" time="1905" away="24" home="18" />
<GAME day="71" time="1905" away="3" home="8" />
<GAME day="71" time="1905" away="6" home="2" />
<GAME day="71" time="1905" away="7" home="4" />
<GAME day="71" time="1905" away="10" home="5" />
<GAME day="71" time="1905" away="12" home="1" />
<GAME day="71" time="1905" away="13" home="23" />
<GAME day="71" time="1905" away="14" home="20" />
<GAME day="71" time="1905" away="15" home="17" />
<GAME day="71" time="1905" away="19" home="22" />
<GAME day="71" time="1905" away="21" home="16" />
<GAME day="71" time="1905" away="24" home="18" />
<GAME day="72" time="1905" away="3" home="9" />
<GAME day="72" time="1905" away="6" home="2" />
<GAME day="72" time="1905" away="7" home="4" />
<GAME day="72" time="1905" away="10" home="5" />
<GAME day="72" time="1905" away="11" home="8" />
<GAME day="72" time="1905" away="12" home="1" />
<GAME day="72" time="1905" away="14" home="20" />
<GAME day="72" time="1905" away="15" home="17" />
<GAME day="72" time="1905" away="19" home="22" />
<GAME day="72" time="1905" away="21" home="13" />
<GAME day="72" time="1905" away="24" home="18" />
<GAME day="73" time="1905" away="3" home="9" />
<GAME day="73" time="1905" away="4" home="6" />
<GAME day="73" time="1905" away="7" home="12" />
<GAME day="73" time="1905" away="10" home="5" />
<GAME day="73" time="1905" away="11" home="8" />
<GAME day="73" time="1905" away="15" home="17" />
<GAME day="73" time="1905" away="16" home="24" />
<GAME day="73" time="1905" away="21" home="13" />
<GAME day="73" time="1905" away="22" home="14" />
<GAME day="73" time="1905" away="23" home="18" />
<GAME day="74" time="1905" away="3" home="9" />
<GAME day="74" time="1905" away="4" home="6" />
<GAME day="74" time="1905" away="7" home="12" />
<GAME day="74" time="1905" away="11" home="8" />
<GAME day="74" time="1905" away="16" home="24" />
<GAME day="74" time="1905" away="21" home="13" />
<GAME day="74" time="1905" away="22" home="14" />
<GAME day="74" time="1905" away="23" home="18" />
<GAME day="75" time="1905" away="4" home="6" />
<GAME day="75" time="1905" away="7" home="12" />
<GAME day="75" time="1905" away="8" home="2" />
<GAME day="75" time="1905" away="9" home="1" />
<GAME day="75" time="1905" away="13" home="19" />
<GAME day="75" time="1905" away="16" home="24" />
<GAME day="75" time="1905" away="22" home="14" />
<GAME day="75" time="1905" away="23" home="18" />
<GAME day="76" time="1905" away="5" home="4" />
<GAME day="76" time="1905" away="6" home="11" />
<GAME day="76" time="1905" away="8" home="2" />
<GAME day="76" time="1905" away="9" home="1" />
<GAME day="76" time="1905" away="10" home="7" />
<GAME day="76" time="1905" away="12" home="3" />
<GAME day="76" time="1905" away="13" home="19" />
<GAME day="76" time="1905" away="15" home="24" />
<GAME day="76" time="1905" away="17" home="22" />
<GAME day="76" time="1905" away="18" home="16" />
<GAME day="76" time="1905" away="20" home="23" />
<GAME day="76" time="1905" away="21" home="14" />
<GAME day="77" time="1905" away="5" home="4" />
<GAME day="77" time="1905" away="6" home="11" />
<GAME day="77" time="1905" away="8" home="2" />
<GAME day="77" time="1905" away="9" home="1" />
<GAME day="77" time="1905" away="10" home="7" />
<GAME day="77" time="1905" away="12" home="3" />
<GAME day="77" time="1905" away="13" home="19" />
<GAME day="77" time="1905" away="15" home="24" />
<GAME day="77" time="1905" away="17" home="22" />
<GAME day="77" time="1905" away="18" home="16" />
<GAME day="77" time="1905" away="20" home="23" />
<GAME day="77" time="1905" away="21" home="14" />
<GAME day="78" time="1905" away="5" home="4" />
<GAME day="78" time="1905" away="6" home="11" />
<GAME day="78" time="1905" away="10" home="7" />
<GAME day="78" time="1905" away="12" home="3" />
<GAME day="78" time="1905" away="15" home="24" />
<GAME day="78" time="1905" away="17" home="22" />
<GAME day="78" time="1905" away="18" home="16" />
<GAME day="78" time="1905" away="20" home="23" />
<GAME day="78" time="1905" away="21" home="14" />
<GAME day="79" time="1905" away="1" home="11" />
<GAME day="79" time="1905" away="2" home="7" />
<GAME day="79" time="1905" away="9" home="6" />
<GAME day="79" time="1905" away="10" home="8" />
<GAME day="79" time="1905" away="12" home="5" />
<GAME day="79" time="1905" away="13" home="20" />
<GAME day="79" time="1905" away="14" home="17" />
<GAME day="79" time="1905" away="15" home="19" />
<GAME day="79" time="1905" away="16" home="23" />
<GAME day="79" time="1905" away="22" home="18" />
<GAME day="80" time="1905" away="1" home="11" />
<GAME day="80" time="1905" away="2" home="7" />
<GAME day="80" time="1905" away="9" home="6" />
<GAME day="80" time="1905" away="10" home="8" />
<GAME day="80" time="1905" away="12" home="5" />
<GAME day="80" time="1905" away="13" home="20" />
<GAME day="80" time="1905" away="14" home="17" />
<GAME day="80" time="1905" away="15" home="19" />
<GAME day="80" time="1905" away="16" home="23" />
<GAME day="80" time="1905" away="22" home="18" />
<GAME day="81" time="1905" away="1" home="11" />
<GAME day="81" time="1905" away="2" home="7" />
<GAME day="81" time="1905" away="9" home="6" />
<GAME day="81" time="1905" away="10" home="8" />
<GAME day="81" time="1905" away="12" home="5" />
<GAME day="81" time="1905" away="13" home="20" />
<GAME day="81" time="1905" away="14" home="17" />
<GAME day="81" time="1905" away="15" home="19" />
<GAME day="81" time="1905" away="16" home="23" />
<GAME day="81" time="1905" away="22" home="18" />
<GAME day="82" time="1905" away="1" home="10" />
<GAME day="82" time="1905" away="2" home="5" />
<GAME day="82" time="1905" away="3" home="12" />
<GAME day="82" time="1905" away="9" home="4" />
<GAME day="82" time="1905" away="11" home="7" />
<GAME day="82" time="1905" away="13" home="22" />
<GAME day="82" time="1905" away="14" home="18" />
<GAME day="82" time="1905" away="17" home="16" />
<GAME day="82" time="1905" away="21" home="20" />
<GAME day="82" time="1905" away="23" home="15" />
<GAME day="82" time="1905" away="24" home="19" />
<GAME day="83" time="1905" away="1" home="10" />
<GAME day="83" time="1905" away="2" home="5" />
<GAME day="83" time="1905" away="3" home="12" />
<GAME day="83" time="1905" away="9" home="4" />
<GAME day="83" time="1905" away="11" home="7" />
<GAME day="83" time="1905" away="13" home="22" />
<GAME day="83" time="1905" away="14" home="18" />
<GAME day="83" time="1905" away="17" home="16" />
<GAME day="83" time="1905" away="21" home="20" />
<GAME day="83" time="1905" away="23" home="15" />
<GAME day="83" time="1905" away="24" home="19" />
<GAME day="84" time="1905" away="1" home="10" />
<GAME day="84" time="1905" away="2" home="5" />
<GAME day="84" time="1905" away="3" home="12" />
<GAME day="84" time="1905" away="9" home="4" />
<GAME day="84" time="1905" away="11" home="7" />
<GAME day="84" time="1905" away="13" home="22" />
<GAME day="84" time="1905" away="14" home="18" />
<GAME day="84" time="1905" away="17" home="16" />
<GAME day="84" time="1905" away="21" home="20" />
<GAME day="84" time="1905" away="23" home="15" />
<GAME day="84" time="1905" away="24" home="19" />
<GAME day="85" time="1905" away="2" home="3" />
<GAME day="85" time="1905" away="8" home="6" />
<GAME day="85" time="1905" away="19" home="17" />
<GAME day="85" time="1905" away="21" home="24" />
<GAME day="86" time="1905" away="2" home="3" />
<GAME day="86" time="1905" away="4" home="1" />
<GAME day="86" time="1905" away="5" home="7" />
<GAME day="86" time="1905" away="8" home="6" />
<GAME day="86" time="1905" away="10" home="9" />
<GAME day="86" time="1905" away="12" home="11" />
<GAME day="86" time="1905" away="15" home="14" />
<GAME day="86" time="1905" away="16" home="13" />
<GAME day="86" time="1905" away="18" home="20" />
<GAME day="86" time="1905" away="19" home="17" />
<GAME day="86" time="1905" away="21" home="24" />
<GAME day="86" time="1905" away="22" home="23" />
<GAME day="87" time="1905" away="2" home="3" />
<GAME day="87" time="1905" away="4" home="1" />
<GAME day="87" time="1905" away="5" home="7" />
<GAME day="87" time="1905" away="8" home="6" />
<GAME day="87" time="1905" away="10" home="9" />
<GAME day="87" time="1905" away="12" home="11" />
<GAME day="87" time="1905" away="15" home="14" />
<GAME day="87" time="1905" away="16" home="13" />
<GAME day="87" time="1905" away="18" home="20" />
<GAME day="87" time="1905" away="19" home="17" />
<GAME day="87" time="1905" away="21" home="24" />
<GAME day="87" time="1905" away="22" home="23" />
<GAME day="88" time="1905" away="2" home="3" />
<GAME day="88" time="1905" away="4" home="1" />
<GAME day="88" time="1905" away="5" home="7" />
<GAME day="88" time="1905" away="10" home="9" />
<GAME day="88" time="1905" away="12" home="11" />
<GAME day="88" time="1905" away="15" home="14" />
<GAME day="88" time="1905" away="16" home="13" />
<GAME day="88" time="1905" away="18" home="20" />
<GAME day="88" time="1905" away="22" home="23" />
<GAME day="89" time="1905" away="3" home="6" />
<GAME day="89" time="1905" away="4" home="10" />
<GAME day="89" time="1905" away="7" home="1" />
<GAME day="89" time="1905" away="9" home="8" />
<GAME day="89" time="1905" away="11" home="5" />
<GAME day="89" time="1905" away="12" home="2" />
<GAME day="89" time="1905" away="14" home="24" />
<GAME day="89" time="1905" away="16" home="19" />
<GAME day="89" time="1905" away="17" home="21" />
<GAME day="89" time="1905" away="18" home="15" />
<GAME day="89" time="1905" away="20" home="22" />
<GAME day="89" time="1905" away="23" home="13" />
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Re: 2051-2052 Rule Clean-Up

Post by Winnipeg59 » Sun 16 Nov '14 12:32pm

<GAME day="90" time="1905" away="3" home="6" />
<GAME day="90" time="1905" away="4" home="10" />
<GAME day="90" time="1905" away="7" home="1" />
<GAME day="90" time="1905" away="9" home="8" />
<GAME day="90" time="1905" away="11" home="5" />
<GAME day="90" time="1905" away="12" home="2" />
<GAME day="90" time="1905" away="14" home="24" />
<GAME day="90" time="1905" away="16" home="19" />
<GAME day="90" time="1905" away="17" home="21" />
<GAME day="90" time="1905" away="18" home="15" />
<GAME day="90" time="1905" away="20" home="22" />
<GAME day="90" time="1905" away="23" home="13" />
<GAME day="91" time="1905" away="3" home="6" />
<GAME day="91" time="1905" away="4" home="10" />
<GAME day="91" time="1905" away="7" home="1" />
<GAME day="91" time="1905" away="9" home="8" />
<GAME day="91" time="1905" away="11" home="5" />
<GAME day="91" time="1905" away="12" home="2" />
<GAME day="91" time="1905" away="14" home="24" />
<GAME day="91" time="1905" away="16" home="19" />
<GAME day="91" time="1905" away="17" home="21" />
<GAME day="91" time="1905" away="18" home="15" />
<GAME day="91" time="1905" away="20" home="22" />
<GAME day="91" time="1905" away="23" home="13" />
<GAME day="92" time="1905" away="2" home="6" />
<GAME day="92" time="1905" away="8" home="10" />
<GAME day="92" time="1905" away="19" home="13" />
<GAME day="92" time="1905" away="24" home="17" />
<GAME day="93" time="1905" away="1" home="9" />
<GAME day="93" time="1905" away="2" home="6" />
<GAME day="93" time="1905" away="3" home="11" />
<GAME day="93" time="1905" away="4" home="7" />
<GAME day="93" time="1905" away="5" home="12" />
<GAME day="93" time="1905" away="8" home="10" />
<GAME day="93" time="1905" away="18" home="14" />
<GAME day="93" time="1905" away="19" home="13" />
<GAME day="93" time="1905" away="21" home="15" />
<GAME day="93" time="1905" away="22" home="16" />
<GAME day="93" time="1905" away="23" home="20" />
<GAME day="93" time="1905" away="24" home="17" />
<GAME day="94" time="1905" away="1" home="9" />
<GAME day="94" time="1905" away="2" home="6" />
<GAME day="94" time="1905" away="3" home="11" />
<GAME day="94" time="1905" away="4" home="7" />
<GAME day="94" time="1905" away="5" home="12" />
<GAME day="94" time="1905" away="8" home="10" />
<GAME day="94" time="1905" away="18" home="14" />
<GAME day="94" time="1905" away="19" home="13" />
<GAME day="94" time="1905" away="21" home="15" />
<GAME day="94" time="1905" away="22" home="16" />
<GAME day="94" time="1905" away="23" home="20" />
<GAME day="94" time="1905" away="24" home="17" />
<GAME day="95" time="1905" away="1" home="9" />
<GAME day="95" time="1905" away="3" home="11" />
<GAME day="95" time="1905" away="4" home="7" />
<GAME day="95" time="1905" away="5" home="12" />
<GAME day="95" time="1905" away="18" home="14" />
<GAME day="95" time="1905" away="21" home="15" />
<GAME day="95" time="1905" away="22" home="16" />
<GAME day="95" time="1905" away="23" home="20" />
<GAME day="96" time="1905" away="1" home="11" />
<GAME day="96" time="1905" away="2" home="7" />
<GAME day="96" time="1905" away="3" home="9" />
<GAME day="96" time="1905" away="5" home="10" />
<GAME day="96" time="1905" away="6" home="4" />
<GAME day="96" time="1905" away="8" home="12" />
<GAME day="96" time="1905" away="13" home="18" />
<GAME day="96" time="1905" away="19" home="14" />
<GAME day="96" time="1905" away="21" home="16" />
<GAME day="96" time="1905" away="22" home="15" />
<GAME day="96" time="1905" away="23" home="17" />
<GAME day="96" time="1905" away="24" home="20" />
<GAME day="97" time="1905" away="1" home="11" />
<GAME day="97" time="1905" away="2" home="7" />
<GAME day="97" time="1905" away="3" home="9" />
<GAME day="97" time="1905" away="5" home="10" />
<GAME day="97" time="1905" away="6" home="4" />
<GAME day="97" time="1905" away="8" home="12" />
<GAME day="97" time="1905" away="13" home="18" />
<GAME day="97" time="1905" away="19" home="14" />
<GAME day="97" time="1905" away="21" home="16" />
<GAME day="97" time="1905" away="22" home="15" />
<GAME day="97" time="1905" away="23" home="17" />
<GAME day="97" time="1905" away="24" home="20" />
<GAME day="98" time="1905" away="1" home="11" />
<GAME day="98" time="1905" away="2" home="7" />
<GAME day="98" time="1905" away="3" home="9" />
<GAME day="98" time="1905" away="5" home="10" />
<GAME day="98" time="1905" away="6" home="4" />
<GAME day="98" time="1905" away="8" home="12" />
<GAME day="98" time="1905" away="13" home="18" />
<GAME day="98" time="1905" away="19" home="14" />
<GAME day="98" time="1905" away="21" home="16" />
<GAME day="98" time="1905" away="22" home="15" />
<GAME day="98" time="1905" away="23" home="17" />
<GAME day="98" time="1905" away="24" home="20" />
<GAME day="100" time="1905" away="0" home="0" type="4" />
<GAME day="102" time="1905" away="1" home="3" />
<GAME day="102" time="1905" away="2" home="4" />
<GAME day="102" time="1905" away="7" home="6" />
<GAME day="102" time="1905" away="8" home="5" />
<GAME day="102" time="1905" away="10" home="12" />
<GAME day="102" time="1905" away="11" home="9" />
<GAME day="102" time="1905" away="13" home="14" />
<GAME day="102" time="1905" away="15" home="16" />
<GAME day="102" time="1905" away="19" home="18" />
<GAME day="102" time="1905" away="20" home="17" />
<GAME day="102" time="1905" away="21" home="22" />
<GAME day="102" time="1905" away="24" home="23" />
<GAME day="103" time="1905" away="1" home="3" />
<GAME day="103" time="1905" away="2" home="4" />
<GAME day="103" time="1905" away="7" home="6" />
<GAME day="103" time="1905" away="8" home="5" />
<GAME day="103" time="1905" away="10" home="12" />
<GAME day="103" time="1905" away="11" home="9" />
<GAME day="103" time="1905" away="13" home="14" />
<GAME day="103" time="1905" away="15" home="16" />
<GAME day="103" time="1905" away="19" home="18" />
<GAME day="103" time="1905" away="20" home="17" />
<GAME day="103" time="1905" away="21" home="22" />
<GAME day="103" time="1905" away="24" home="23" />
<GAME day="104" time="1905" away="1" home="3" />
<GAME day="104" time="1905" away="2" home="4" />
<GAME day="104" time="1905" away="7" home="6" />
<GAME day="104" time="1905" away="8" home="5" />
<GAME day="104" time="1905" away="10" home="12" />
<GAME day="104" time="1905" away="11" home="9" />
<GAME day="104" time="1905" away="13" home="14" />
<GAME day="104" time="1905" away="15" home="16" />
<GAME day="104" time="1905" away="19" home="18" />
<GAME day="104" time="1905" away="20" home="17" />
<GAME day="104" time="1905" away="21" home="22" />
<GAME day="104" time="1905" away="24" home="23" />
<GAME day="105" time="1905" away="1" home="2" />
<GAME day="105" time="1905" away="4" home="3" />
<GAME day="105" time="1905" away="6" home="5" />
<GAME day="105" time="1905" away="7" home="8" />
<GAME day="105" time="1905" away="10" home="11" />
<GAME day="105" time="1905" away="12" home="9" />
<GAME day="105" time="1905" away="13" home="15" />
<GAME day="105" time="1905" away="16" home="14" />
<GAME day="105" time="1905" away="18" home="17" />
<GAME day="105" time="1905" away="19" home="20" />
<GAME day="105" time="1905" away="22" home="24" />
<GAME day="105" time="1905" away="23" home="21" />
<GAME day="106" time="1905" away="1" home="2" />
<GAME day="106" time="1905" away="4" home="3" />
<GAME day="106" time="1905" away="6" home="5" />
<GAME day="106" time="1905" away="7" home="8" />
<GAME day="106" time="1905" away="10" home="11" />
<GAME day="106" time="1905" away="12" home="9" />
<GAME day="106" time="1905" away="13" home="15" />
<GAME day="106" time="1905" away="16" home="14" />
<GAME day="106" time="1905" away="18" home="17" />
<GAME day="106" time="1905" away="19" home="20" />
<GAME day="106" time="1905" away="22" home="24" />
<GAME day="106" time="1905" away="23" home="21" />
<GAME day="107" time="1905" away="1" home="2" />
<GAME day="107" time="1905" away="4" home="3" />
<GAME day="107" time="1905" away="6" home="5" />
<GAME day="107" time="1905" away="7" home="8" />
<GAME day="107" time="1905" away="10" home="11" />
<GAME day="107" time="1905" away="12" home="9" />
<GAME day="107" time="1905" away="13" home="15" />
<GAME day="107" time="1905" away="16" home="14" />
<GAME day="107" time="1905" away="18" home="17" />
<GAME day="107" time="1905" away="19" home="20" />
<GAME day="107" time="1905" away="22" home="24" />
<GAME day="107" time="1905" away="23" home="21" />
<GAME day="108" time="1905" away="1" home="2" />
<GAME day="108" time="1905" away="4" home="3" />
<GAME day="108" time="1905" away="6" home="5" />
<GAME day="108" time="1905" away="7" home="8" />
<GAME day="108" time="1905" away="10" home="11" />
<GAME day="108" time="1905" away="12" home="9" />
<GAME day="108" time="1905" away="13" home="15" />
<GAME day="108" time="1905" away="16" home="14" />
<GAME day="108" time="1905" away="18" home="17" />
<GAME day="108" time="1905" away="19" home="20" />
<GAME day="108" time="1905" away="22" home="24" />
<GAME day="108" time="1905" away="23" home="21" />
<GAME day="110" time="1905" away="1" home="15" />
<GAME day="110" time="1905" away="2" home="13" />
<GAME day="110" time="1905" away="3" home="16" />
<GAME day="110" time="1905" away="4" home="14" />
<GAME day="110" time="1905" away="5" home="20" />
<GAME day="110" time="1905" away="6" home="19" />
<GAME day="110" time="1905" away="7" home="18" />
<GAME day="110" time="1905" away="8" home="17" />
<GAME day="110" time="1905" away="9" home="21" />
<GAME day="110" time="1905" away="10" home="24" />
<GAME day="110" time="1905" away="11" home="22" />
<GAME day="110" time="1905" away="12" home="23" />
<GAME day="111" time="1905" away="13" home="2" />
<GAME day="111" time="1905" away="14" home="4" />
<GAME day="111" time="1905" away="15" home="1" />
<GAME day="111" time="1905" away="16" home="3" />
<GAME day="111" time="1905" away="17" home="8" />
<GAME day="111" time="1905" away="18" home="7" />
<GAME day="111" time="1905" away="19" home="6" />
<GAME day="111" time="1905" away="20" home="5" />
<GAME day="111" time="1905" away="21" home="9" />
<GAME day="111" time="1905" away="22" home="11" />
<GAME day="111" time="1905" away="23" home="12" />
<GAME day="111" time="1905" away="24" home="10" />
<GAME day="112" time="1905" away="13" home="11" />
<GAME day="112" time="1905" away="14" home="9" />
<GAME day="112" time="1905" away="15" home="10" />
<GAME day="112" time="1905" away="16" home="12" />
<GAME day="112" time="1905" away="17" home="2" />
<GAME day="112" time="1905" away="18" home="1" />
<GAME day="112" time="1905" away="19" home="3" />
<GAME day="112" time="1905" away="20" home="4" />
<GAME day="112" time="1905" away="21" home="6" />
<GAME day="112" time="1905" away="22" home="7" />
<GAME day="112" time="1905" away="23" home="5" />
<GAME day="112" time="1905" away="24" home="8" />
<GAME day="113" time="1905" away="1" home="18" />
<GAME day="113" time="1905" away="2" home="17" />
<GAME day="113" time="1905" away="3" home="19" />
<GAME day="113" time="1905" away="4" home="20" />
<GAME day="113" time="1905" away="5" home="23" />
<GAME day="113" time="1905" away="6" home="21" />
<GAME day="113" time="1905" away="7" home="22" />
<GAME day="113" time="1905" away="8" home="24" />
<GAME day="113" time="1905" away="9" home="14" />
<GAME day="113" time="1905" away="10" home="15" />
<GAME day="113" time="1905" away="11" home="13" />
<GAME day="113" time="1905" away="12" home="16" />
<GAME day="114" time="1905" away="1" home="14" />
<GAME day="114" time="1905" away="2" home="16" />
<GAME day="114" time="1905" away="3" home="13" />
<GAME day="114" time="1905" away="4" home="15" />
<GAME day="114" time="1905" away="5" home="18" />
<GAME day="114" time="1905" away="6" home="17" />
<GAME day="114" time="1905" away="7" home="20" />
<GAME day="114" time="1905" away="8" home="19" />
<GAME day="114" time="1905" away="9" home="24" />
<GAME day="114" time="1905" away="10" home="21" />
<GAME day="114" time="1905" away="11" home="23" />
<GAME day="114" time="1905" away="12" home="22" />
<GAME day="115" time="1905" away="13" home="3" />
<GAME day="115" time="1905" away="14" home="1" />
<GAME day="115" time="1905" away="15" home="4" />
<GAME day="115" time="1905" away="16" home="2" />
<GAME day="115" time="1905" away="17" home="6" />
<GAME day="115" time="1905" away="18" home="5" />
<GAME day="115" time="1905" away="19" home="8" />
<GAME day="115" time="1905" away="20" home="7" />
<GAME day="115" time="1905" away="21" home="10" />
<GAME day="115" time="1905" away="22" home="12" />
<GAME day="115" time="1905" away="23" home="11" />
<GAME day="115" time="1905" away="24" home="9" />
<GAME day="116" time="1905" away="1" home="6" />
<GAME day="116" time="1905" away="3" home="7" />
<GAME day="116" time="1905" away="8" home="11" />
<GAME day="116" time="1905" away="9" home="5" />
<GAME day="116" time="1905" away="10" home="2" />
<GAME day="116" time="1905" away="12" home="4" />
<GAME day="116" time="1905" away="13" home="24" />
<GAME day="116" time="1905" away="14" home="23" />
<GAME day="116" time="1905" away="16" home="18" />
<GAME day="116" time="1905" away="19" home="15" />
<GAME day="116" time="1905" away="21" home="20" />
<GAME day="116" time="1905" away="22" home="17" />
<GAME day="117" time="1905" away="1" home="6" />
<GAME day="117" time="1905" away="3" home="7" />
<GAME day="117" time="1905" away="8" home="11" />
<GAME day="117" time="1905" away="9" home="5" />
<GAME day="117" time="1905" away="10" home="2" />
<GAME day="117" time="1905" away="12" home="4" />
<GAME day="117" time="1905" away="13" home="24" />
<GAME day="117" time="1905" away="14" home="23" />
<GAME day="117" time="1905" away="16" home="18" />
<GAME day="117" time="1905" away="19" home="15" />
<GAME day="117" time="1905" away="21" home="20" />
<GAME day="117" time="1905" away="22" home="17" />
<GAME day="118" time="1905" away="1" home="6" />
<GAME day="118" time="1905" away="3" home="7" />
<GAME day="118" time="1905" away="8" home="11" />
<GAME day="118" time="1905" away="9" home="5" />
<GAME day="118" time="1905" away="10" home="2" />
<GAME day="118" time="1905" away="12" home="4" />
<GAME day="118" time="1905" away="13" home="24" />
<GAME day="118" time="1905" away="14" home="23" />
<GAME day="118" time="1905" away="16" home="18" />
<GAME day="118" time="1905" away="19" home="15" />
<GAME day="118" time="1905" away="21" home="20" />
<GAME day="118" time="1905" away="22" home="17" />
<GAME day="119" time="1905" away="5" home="1" />
<GAME day="119" time="1905" away="6" home="9" />
<GAME day="119" time="1905" away="8" home="2" />
<GAME day="119" time="1905" away="10" home="4" />
<GAME day="119" time="1905" away="11" home="3" />
<GAME day="119" time="1905" away="13" home="21" />
<GAME day="119" time="1905" away="14" home="22" />
<GAME day="119" time="1905" away="15" home="20" />
<GAME day="119" time="1905" away="16" home="19" />
<GAME day="119" time="1905" away="17" home="24" />
<GAME day="120" time="1905" away="5" home="1" />
<GAME day="120" time="1905" away="6" home="9" />
<GAME day="120" time="1905" away="8" home="2" />
<GAME day="120" time="1905" away="10" home="4" />
<GAME day="120" time="1905" away="11" home="3" />
<GAME day="120" time="1905" away="13" home="21" />
<GAME day="120" time="1905" away="14" home="22" />
<GAME day="120" time="1905" away="15" home="20" />
<GAME day="120" time="1905" away="16" home="19" />
<GAME day="120" time="1905" away="17" home="24" />
<GAME day="121" time="1905" away="5" home="1" />
<GAME day="121" time="1905" away="6" home="9" />
<GAME day="121" time="1905" away="8" home="2" />
<GAME day="121" time="1905" away="10" home="4" />
<GAME day="121" time="1905" away="11" home="3" />
<GAME day="121" time="1905" away="13" home="21" />
<GAME day="121" time="1905" away="14" home="22" />
<GAME day="121" time="1905" away="15" home="20" />
<GAME day="121" time="1905" away="16" home="19" />
<GAME day="121" time="1905" away="17" home="24" />
<GAME day="122" time="1905" away="3" home="5" />
<GAME day="122" time="1905" away="4" home="11" />
<GAME day="122" time="1905" away="6" home="1" />
<GAME day="122" time="1905" away="7" home="10" />
<GAME day="122" time="1905" away="9" home="8" />
<GAME day="122" time="1905" away="12" home="2" />
<GAME day="122" time="1905" away="17" home="21" />
<GAME day="122" time="1905" away="18" home="13" />
<GAME day="122" time="1905" away="20" home="14" />
<GAME day="122" time="1905" away="22" home="15" />
<GAME day="122" time="1905" away="23" home="19" />
<GAME day="122" time="1905" away="24" home="16" />
<GAME day="123" time="1905" away="3" home="5" />
<GAME day="123" time="1905" away="4" home="11" />
<GAME day="123" time="1905" away="6" home="1" />
<GAME day="123" time="1905" away="7" home="10" />
<GAME day="123" time="1905" away="9" home="8" />
<GAME day="123" time="1905" away="12" home="2" />
<GAME day="123" time="1905" away="17" home="21" />
<GAME day="123" time="1905" away="18" home="13" />
<GAME day="123" time="1905" away="20" home="14" />
<GAME day="123" time="1905" away="22" home="15" />
<GAME day="123" time="1905" away="23" home="19" />
<GAME day="123" time="1905" away="24" home="16" />
<GAME day="124" time="1905" away="3" home="5" />
<GAME day="124" time="1905" away="4" home="11" />
<GAME day="124" time="1905" away="6" home="1" />
<GAME day="124" time="1905" away="7" home="10" />
<GAME day="124" time="1905" away="9" home="8" />
<GAME day="124" time="1905" away="12" home="2" />
<GAME day="124" time="1905" away="17" home="21" />
<GAME day="124" time="1905" away="18" home="13" />
<GAME day="124" time="1905" away="20" home="14" />
<GAME day="124" time="1905" away="22" home="15" />
<GAME day="124" time="1905" away="23" home="19" />
<GAME day="124" time="1905" away="24" home="16" />
<GAME day="125" time="1905" away="2" home="10" />
<GAME day="125" time="1905" away="18" home="23" />
<GAME day="126" time="1905" away="1" home="8" />
<GAME day="126" time="1905" away="2" home="10" />
<GAME day="126" time="1905" away="4" home="12" />
<GAME day="126" time="1905" away="6" home="3" />
<GAME day="126" time="1905" away="9" home="7" />
<GAME day="126" time="1905" away="11" home="5" />
<GAME day="126" time="1905" away="13" home="20" />
<GAME day="126" time="1905" away="14" home="24" />
<GAME day="126" time="1905" away="16" home="22" />
<GAME day="126" time="1905" away="17" home="15" />
<GAME day="126" time="1905" away="18" home="23" />
<GAME day="126" time="1905" away="21" home="19" />
<GAME day="127" time="1905" away="1" home="8" />
<GAME day="127" time="1905" away="2" home="10" />
<GAME day="127" time="1905" away="4" home="12" />
<GAME day="127" time="1905" away="6" home="3" />
<GAME day="127" time="1905" away="9" home="7" />
<GAME day="127" time="1905" away="11" home="5" />
<GAME day="127" time="1905" away="13" home="20" />
<GAME day="127" time="1905" away="14" home="24" />
<GAME day="127" time="1905" away="16" home="22" />
<GAME day="127" time="1905" away="17" home="15" />
<GAME day="127" time="1905" away="18" home="23" />
<GAME day="127" time="1905" away="21" home="19" />
<GAME day="128" time="1905" away="1" home="8" />
<GAME day="128" time="1905" away="4" home="12" />
<GAME day="128" time="1905" away="6" home="3" />
<GAME day="128" time="1905" away="9" home="7" />
<GAME day="128" time="1905" away="11" home="5" />
<GAME day="128" time="1905" away="13" home="20" />
<GAME day="128" time="1905" away="14" home="24" />
<GAME day="128" time="1905" away="16" home="22" />
<GAME day="128" time="1905" away="17" home="15" />
<GAME day="128" time="1905" away="21" home="19" />
<GAME day="129" time="1905" away="2" home="11" />
<GAME day="129" time="1905" away="3" home="12" />
<GAME day="129" time="1905" away="4" home="8" />
<GAME day="129" time="1905" away="5" home="9" />
<GAME day="129" time="1905" away="7" home="1" />
<GAME day="129" time="1905" away="10" home="6" />
<GAME day="129" time="1905" away="13" home="17" />
<GAME day="129" time="1905" away="15" home="21" />
<GAME day="129" time="1905" away="20" home="16" />
<GAME day="129" time="1905" away="22" home="19" />
<GAME day="129" time="1905" away="23" home="14" />
<GAME day="129" time="1905" away="24" home="18" />
<GAME day="130" time="1905" away="2" home="11" />
<GAME day="130" time="1905" away="3" home="12" />
<GAME day="130" time="1905" away="4" home="8" />
<GAME day="130" time="1905" away="5" home="9" />
<GAME day="130" time="1905" away="7" home="1" />
<GAME day="130" time="1905" away="10" home="6" />
<GAME day="130" time="1905" away="13" home="17" />
<GAME day="130" time="1905" away="15" home="21" />
<GAME day="130" time="1905" away="20" home="16" />
<GAME day="130" time="1905" away="22" home="19" />
<GAME day="130" time="1905" away="23" home="14" />
<GAME day="130" time="1905" away="24" home="18" />
<GAME day="131" time="1905" away="2" home="11" />
<GAME day="131" time="1905" away="3" home="12" />
<GAME day="131" time="1905" away="4" home="8" />
<GAME day="131" time="1905" away="5" home="9" />
<GAME day="131" time="1905" away="7" home="1" />
<GAME day="131" time="1905" away="10" home="6" />
<GAME day="131" time="1905" away="13" home="17" />
<GAME day="131" time="1905" away="15" home="21" />
<GAME day="131" time="1905" away="20" home="16" />
<GAME day="131" time="1905" away="22" home="19" />
<GAME day="131" time="1905" away="23" home="14" />
<GAME day="131" time="1905" away="24" home="18" />
<GAME day="132" time="1905" away="1" home="12" />
<GAME day="132" time="1905" away="2" home="8" />
<GAME day="132" time="1905" away="4" home="5" />
<GAME day="132" time="1905" away="7" home="9" />
<GAME day="132" time="1905" away="10" home="3" />
<GAME day="132" time="1905" away="11" home="6" />
<GAME day="132" time="1905" away="17" home="14" />
<GAME day="132" time="1905" away="18" home="22" />
<GAME day="132" time="1905" away="19" home="21" />
<GAME day="132" time="1905" away="20" home="15" />
<GAME day="132" time="1905" away="23" home="16" />
<GAME day="132" time="1905" away="24" home="13" />
<GAME day="133" time="1905" away="1" home="12" />
<GAME day="133" time="1905" away="2" home="8" />
<GAME day="133" time="1905" away="4" home="5" />
<GAME day="133" time="1905" away="7" home="9" />
<GAME day="133" time="1905" away="10" home="3" />
<GAME day="133" time="1905" away="11" home="6" />
<GAME day="133" time="1905" away="17" home="14" />
<GAME day="133" time="1905" away="18" home="22" />
<GAME day="133" time="1905" away="19" home="21" />
<GAME day="133" time="1905" away="20" home="15" />
<GAME day="133" time="1905" away="23" home="16" />
<GAME day="133" time="1905" away="24" home="13" />
<GAME day="134" time="1905" away="1" home="12" />
<GAME day="134" time="1905" away="2" home="8" />
<GAME day="134" time="1905" away="4" home="5" />
<GAME day="134" time="1905" away="7" home="9" />
<GAME day="134" time="1905" away="10" home="3" />
<GAME day="134" time="1905" away="11" home="6" />
<GAME day="134" time="1905" away="17" home="14" />
<GAME day="134" time="1905" away="18" home="22" />
<GAME day="134" time="1905" away="19" home="21" />
<GAME day="134" time="1905" away="20" home="15" />
<GAME day="134" time="1905" away="23" home="16" />
<GAME day="134" time="1905" away="24" home="13" />
<GAME day="135" time="1905" away="5" home="2" />
<GAME day="135" time="1905" away="8" home="3" />
<GAME day="135" time="1905" away="9" home="6" />
<GAME day="135" time="1905" away="10" home="1" />
<GAME day="135" time="1905" away="11" home="4" />
<GAME day="135" time="1905" away="12" home="7" />
<GAME day="135" time="1905" away="16" home="20" />
<GAME day="135" time="1905" away="17" home="23" />
<GAME day="135" time="1905" away="18" home="21" />
<GAME day="135" time="1905" away="19" home="14" />
<GAME day="135" time="1905" away="22" home="13" />
<GAME day="135" time="1905" away="24" home="15" />
<GAME day="136" time="1905" away="5" home="2" />
<GAME day="136" time="1905" away="8" home="3" />
<GAME day="136" time="1905" away="9" home="6" />
<GAME day="136" time="1905" away="10" home="1" />
<GAME day="136" time="1905" away="11" home="4" />
<GAME day="136" time="1905" away="12" home="7" />
<GAME day="136" time="1905" away="16" home="20" />
<GAME day="136" time="1905" away="17" home="23" />
<GAME day="136" time="1905" away="18" home="21" />
<GAME day="136" time="1905" away="19" home="14" />
<GAME day="136" time="1905" away="22" home="13" />
<GAME day="136" time="1905" away="24" home="15" />
<GAME day="137" time="1905" away="5" home="2" />
<GAME day="137" time="1905" away="8" home="3" />
<GAME day="137" time="1905" away="9" home="6" />
<GAME day="137" time="1905" away="10" home="1" />
<GAME day="137" time="1905" away="11" home="4" />
<GAME day="137" time="1905" away="12" home="7" />
<GAME day="137" time="1905" away="16" home="20" />
<GAME day="137" time="1905" away="17" home="23" />
<GAME day="137" time="1905" away="18" home="21" />
<GAME day="137" time="1905" away="19" home="14" />
<GAME day="137" time="1905" away="22" home="13" />
<GAME day="137" time="1905" away="24" home="15" />
<GAME day="138" time="1905" away="13" home="7" />
<GAME day="138" time="1905" away="14" home="6" />
<GAME day="138" time="1905" away="15" home="8" />
<GAME day="138" time="1905" away="16" home="5" />
<GAME day="138" time="1905" away="17" home="11" />
<GAME day="138" time="1905" away="18" home="10" />
<GAME day="138" time="1905" away="19" home="12" />
<GAME day="138" time="1905" away="20" home="9" />
<GAME day="138" time="1905" away="21" home="3" />
<GAME day="138" time="1905" away="22" home="1" />
<GAME day="138" time="1905" away="23" home="4" />
<GAME day="138" time="1905" away="24" home="2" />
<GAME day="139" time="1905" away="1" home="22" />
<GAME day="139" time="1905" away="2" home="24" />
<GAME day="139" time="1905" away="3" home="21" />
<GAME day="139" time="1905" away="4" home="23" />
<GAME day="139" time="1905" away="5" home="16" />
<GAME day="139" time="1905" away="6" home="14" />
<GAME day="139" time="1905" away="7" home="13" />
<GAME day="139" time="1905" away="8" home="15" />
<GAME day="139" time="1905" away="9" home="20" />
<GAME day="139" time="1905" away="10" home="18" />
<GAME day="139" time="1905" away="11" home="17" />
<GAME day="139" time="1905" away="12" home="19" />
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Re: 2051-2052 Rule Clean-Up

Post by Winnipeg59 » Sun 16 Nov '14 12:32pm

<GAME day="140" time="1905" away="1" home="21" />
<GAME day="140" time="1905" away="2" home="23" />
<GAME day="140" time="1905" away="3" home="22" />
<GAME day="140" time="1905" away="4" home="24" />
<GAME day="140" time="1905" away="5" home="15" />
<GAME day="140" time="1905" away="6" home="13" />
<GAME day="140" time="1905" away="7" home="14" />
<GAME day="140" time="1905" away="8" home="16" />
<GAME day="140" time="1905" away="9" home="17" />
<GAME day="140" time="1905" away="10" home="19" />
<GAME day="140" time="1905" away="11" home="20" />
<GAME day="140" time="1905" away="12" home="18" />
<GAME day="141" time="1905" away="13" home="6" />
<GAME day="141" time="1905" away="14" home="7" />
<GAME day="141" time="1905" away="15" home="5" />
<GAME day="141" time="1905" away="16" home="8" />
<GAME day="141" time="1905" away="17" home="9" />
<GAME day="141" time="1905" away="18" home="12" />
<GAME day="141" time="1905" away="19" home="10" />
<GAME day="141" time="1905" away="20" home="11" />
<GAME day="141" time="1905" away="21" home="1" />
<GAME day="141" time="1905" away="22" home="3" />
<GAME day="141" time="1905" away="23" home="2" />
<GAME day="141" time="1905" away="24" home="4" />
<GAME day="142" time="1905" away="13" home="8" />
<GAME day="142" time="1905" away="14" home="5" />
<GAME day="142" time="1905" away="15" home="7" />
<GAME day="142" time="1905" away="16" home="6" />
<GAME day="142" time="1905" away="17" home="10" />
<GAME day="142" time="1905" away="18" home="11" />
<GAME day="142" time="1905" away="19" home="9" />
<GAME day="142" time="1905" away="20" home="12" />
<GAME day="142" time="1905" away="21" home="4" />
<GAME day="142" time="1905" away="22" home="2" />
<GAME day="142" time="1905" away="23" home="3" />
<GAME day="142" time="1905" away="24" home="1" />
<GAME day="143" time="1905" away="1" home="24" />
<GAME day="143" time="1905" away="2" home="22" />
<GAME day="143" time="1905" away="3" home="23" />
<GAME day="143" time="1905" away="4" home="21" />
<GAME day="143" time="1905" away="5" home="14" />
<GAME day="143" time="1905" away="6" home="16" />
<GAME day="143" time="1905" away="7" home="15" />
<GAME day="143" time="1905" away="8" home="13" />
<GAME day="143" time="1905" away="9" home="19" />
<GAME day="143" time="1905" away="10" home="17" />
<GAME day="143" time="1905" away="11" home="18" />
<GAME day="143" time="1905" away="12" home="20" />
<GAME day="144" time="1905" away="6" home="2" />
<GAME day="144" time="1905" away="7" home="4" />
<GAME day="144" time="1905" away="10" home="8" />
<GAME day="144" time="1905" away="16" home="22" />
<GAME day="144" time="1905" away="17" home="24" />
<GAME day="144" time="1905" away="20" home="23" />
<GAME day="145" time="1905" away="6" home="2" />
<GAME day="145" time="1905" away="7" home="4" />
<GAME day="145" time="1905" away="9" home="1" />
<GAME day="145" time="1905" away="10" home="8" />
<GAME day="145" time="1905" away="11" home="3" />
<GAME day="145" time="1905" away="12" home="5" />
<GAME day="145" time="1905" away="13" home="19" />
<GAME day="145" time="1905" away="14" home="18" />
<GAME day="145" time="1905" away="15" home="21" />
<GAME day="145" time="1905" away="16" home="22" />
<GAME day="145" time="1905" away="17" home="24" />
<GAME day="145" time="1905" away="20" home="23" />
<GAME day="146" time="1905" away="6" home="2" />
<GAME day="146" time="1905" away="7" home="4" />
<GAME day="146" time="1905" away="9" home="1" />
<GAME day="146" time="1905" away="10" home="8" />
<GAME day="146" time="1905" away="11" home="3" />
<GAME day="146" time="1905" away="12" home="5" />
<GAME day="146" time="1905" away="13" home="19" />
<GAME day="146" time="1905" away="14" home="18" />
<GAME day="146" time="1905" away="15" home="21" />
<GAME day="146" time="1905" away="16" home="22" />
<GAME day="146" time="1905" away="17" home="24" />
<GAME day="146" time="1905" away="20" home="23" />
<GAME day="147" time="1905" away="9" home="1" />
<GAME day="147" time="1905" away="11" home="3" />
<GAME day="147" time="1905" away="12" home="5" />
<GAME day="147" time="1905" away="13" home="19" />
<GAME day="147" time="1905" away="14" home="18" />
<GAME day="147" time="1905" away="15" home="21" />
<GAME day="148" time="1905" away="4" home="6" />
<GAME day="148" time="1905" away="5" home="10" />
<GAME day="148" time="1905" away="7" home="2" />
<GAME day="148" time="1905" away="9" home="3" />
<GAME day="148" time="1905" away="11" home="1" />
<GAME day="148" time="1905" away="12" home="8" />
<GAME day="148" time="1905" away="14" home="19" />
<GAME day="148" time="1905" away="15" home="22" />
<GAME day="148" time="1905" away="16" home="21" />
<GAME day="148" time="1905" away="18" home="13" />
<GAME day="148" time="1905" away="23" home="17" />
<GAME day="148" time="1905" away="24" home="20" />
<GAME day="149" time="1905" away="4" home="6" />
<GAME day="149" time="1905" away="5" home="10" />
<GAME day="149" time="1905" away="7" home="2" />
<GAME day="149" time="1905" away="9" home="3" />
<GAME day="149" time="1905" away="11" home="1" />
<GAME day="149" time="1905" away="12" home="8" />
<GAME day="149" time="1905" away="14" home="19" />
<GAME day="149" time="1905" away="15" home="22" />
<GAME day="149" time="1905" away="16" home="21" />
<GAME day="149" time="1905" away="18" home="13" />
<GAME day="149" time="1905" away="23" home="17" />
<GAME day="149" time="1905" away="24" home="20" />
<GAME day="150" time="1905" away="4" home="6" />
<GAME day="150" time="1905" away="5" home="10" />
<GAME day="150" time="1905" away="7" home="2" />
<GAME day="150" time="1905" away="9" home="3" />
<GAME day="150" time="1905" away="11" home="1" />
<GAME day="150" time="1905" away="12" home="8" />
<GAME day="150" time="1905" away="14" home="19" />
<GAME day="150" time="1905" away="15" home="22" />
<GAME day="150" time="1905" away="16" home="21" />
<GAME day="150" time="1905" away="18" home="13" />
<GAME day="150" time="1905" away="23" home="17" />
<GAME day="150" time="1905" away="24" home="20" />
<GAME day="151" time="1905" away="1" home="8" />
<GAME day="151" time="1905" away="2" home="9" />
<GAME day="151" time="1905" away="4" home="11" />
<GAME day="151" time="1905" away="5" home="3" />
<GAME day="151" time="1905" away="6" home="12" />
<GAME day="151" time="1905" away="10" home="7" />
<GAME day="151" time="1905" away="15" home="17" />
<GAME day="151" time="1905" away="16" home="20" />
<GAME day="151" time="1905" away="18" home="24" />
<GAME day="151" time="1905" away="19" home="23" />
<GAME day="151" time="1905" away="21" home="13" />
<GAME day="151" time="1905" away="22" home="14" />
<GAME day="152" time="1905" away="1" home="8" />
<GAME day="152" time="1905" away="2" home="9" />
<GAME day="152" time="1905" away="4" home="11" />
<GAME day="152" time="1905" away="5" home="3" />
<GAME day="152" time="1905" away="6" home="12" />
<GAME day="152" time="1905" away="10" home="7" />
<GAME day="152" time="1905" away="15" home="17" />
<GAME day="152" time="1905" away="16" home="20" />
<GAME day="152" time="1905" away="18" home="24" />
<GAME day="152" time="1905" away="19" home="23" />
<GAME day="152" time="1905" away="21" home="13" />
<GAME day="152" time="1905" away="22" home="14" />
<GAME day="153" time="1905" away="1" home="8" />
<GAME day="153" time="1905" away="2" home="9" />
<GAME day="153" time="1905" away="4" home="11" />
<GAME day="153" time="1905" away="5" home="3" />
<GAME day="153" time="1905" away="6" home="12" />
<GAME day="153" time="1905" away="10" home="7" />
<GAME day="153" time="1905" away="15" home="17" />
<GAME day="153" time="1905" away="16" home="20" />
<GAME day="153" time="1905" away="18" home="24" />
<GAME day="153" time="1905" away="19" home="23" />
<GAME day="153" time="1905" away="21" home="13" />
<GAME day="153" time="1905" away="22" home="14" />
<GAME day="154" time="1905" away="4" home="2" />
<GAME day="154" time="1905" away="7" home="6" />
<GAME day="154" time="1905" away="9" home="11" />
<GAME day="154" time="1905" away="12" home="10" />
<GAME day="154" time="1905" away="14" home="13" />
<GAME day="154" time="1905" away="16" home="15" />
<GAME day="154" time="1905" away="17" home="20" />
<GAME day="154" time="1905" away="18" home="19" />
<GAME day="154" time="1905" away="22" home="21" />
<GAME day="154" time="1905" away="23" home="24" />
<GAME day="155" time="1905" away="3" home="1" />
<GAME day="155" time="1905" away="4" home="2" />
<GAME day="155" time="1905" away="5" home="8" />
<GAME day="155" time="1905" away="7" home="6" />
<GAME day="155" time="1905" away="9" home="11" />
<GAME day="155" time="1905" away="12" home="10" />
<GAME day="155" time="1905" away="14" home="13" />
<GAME day="155" time="1905" away="16" home="15" />
<GAME day="155" time="1905" away="17" home="20" />
<GAME day="155" time="1905" away="18" home="19" />
<GAME day="155" time="1905" away="22" home="21" />
<GAME day="155" time="1905" away="23" home="24" />
<GAME day="156" time="1905" away="3" home="1" />
<GAME day="156" time="1905" away="4" home="2" />
<GAME day="156" time="1905" away="5" home="8" />
<GAME day="156" time="1905" away="7" home="6" />
<GAME day="156" time="1905" away="9" home="11" />
<GAME day="156" time="1905" away="12" home="10" />
<GAME day="156" time="1905" away="14" home="13" />
<GAME day="156" time="1905" away="16" home="15" />
<GAME day="156" time="1905" away="17" home="20" />
<GAME day="156" time="1905" away="18" home="19" />
<GAME day="156" time="1905" away="22" home="21" />
<GAME day="156" time="1905" away="23" home="24" />
<GAME day="157" time="1905" away="3" home="1" />
<GAME day="157" time="1905" away="4" home="2" />
<GAME day="157" time="1905" away="5" home="8" />
<GAME day="157" time="1905" away="7" home="6" />
<GAME day="157" time="1905" away="10" home="9" />
<GAME day="157" time="1905" away="17" home="20" />
<GAME day="157" time="1905" away="18" home="19" />
<GAME day="157" time="1905" away="22" home="23" />
<GAME day="158" time="1905" away="3" home="2" />
<GAME day="158" time="1905" away="4" home="1" />
<GAME day="158" time="1905" away="6" home="8" />
<GAME day="158" time="1905" away="7" home="5" />
<GAME day="158" time="1905" away="10" home="9" />
<GAME day="158" time="1905" away="11" home="12" />
<GAME day="158" time="1905" away="13" home="16" />
<GAME day="158" time="1905" away="15" home="14" />
<GAME day="158" time="1905" away="20" home="18" />
<GAME day="158" time="1905" away="22" home="23" />
<GAME day="158" time="1905" away="24" home="21" />
<GAME day="159" time="1905" away="3" home="2" />
<GAME day="159" time="1905" away="4" home="1" />
<GAME day="159" time="1905" away="6" home="8" />
<GAME day="159" time="1905" away="7" home="5" />
<GAME day="159" time="1905" away="10" home="9" />
<GAME day="159" time="1905" away="11" home="12" />
<GAME day="159" time="1905" away="13" home="16" />
<GAME day="159" time="1905" away="15" home="14" />
<GAME day="159" time="1905" away="17" home="19" />
<GAME day="159" time="1905" away="20" home="18" />
<GAME day="159" time="1905" away="22" home="23" />
<GAME day="159" time="1905" away="24" home="21" />
<GAME day="160" time="1905" away="3" home="2" />
<GAME day="160" time="1905" away="4" home="1" />
<GAME day="160" time="1905" away="6" home="8" />
<GAME day="160" time="1905" away="7" home="5" />
<GAME day="160" time="1905" away="10" home="9" />
<GAME day="160" time="1905" away="11" home="12" />
<GAME day="160" time="1905" away="13" home="16" />
<GAME day="160" time="1905" away="15" home="14" />
<GAME day="160" time="1905" away="17" home="19" />
<GAME day="160" time="1905" away="20" home="18" />
<GAME day="160" time="1905" away="22" home="23" />
<GAME day="160" time="1905" away="24" home="21" />
<GAME day="161" time="1905" away="4" home="1" />
<GAME day="161" time="1905" away="11" home="12" />
<GAME day="161" time="1905" away="13" home="16" />
<GAME day="161" time="1905" away="15" home="14" />
<GAME day="161" time="1905" away="17" home="19" />
<GAME day="162" time="1905" away="1" home="12" />
<GAME day="162" time="1905" away="2" home="5" />
<GAME day="162" time="1905" away="3" home="10" />
<GAME day="162" time="1905" away="6" home="11" />
<GAME day="162" time="1905" away="8" home="4" />
<GAME day="162" time="1905" away="9" home="7" />
<GAME day="162" time="1905" away="14" home="20" />
<GAME day="162" time="1905" away="17" home="13" />
<GAME day="162" time="1905" away="19" home="22" />
<GAME day="162" time="1905" away="21" home="18" />
<GAME day="162" time="1905" away="23" home="15" />
<GAME day="162" time="1905" away="24" home="16" />
<GAME day="163" time="1905" away="1" home="12" />
<GAME day="163" time="1905" away="2" home="5" />
<GAME day="163" time="1905" away="3" home="10" />
<GAME day="163" time="1905" away="6" home="11" />
<GAME day="163" time="1905" away="8" home="4" />
<GAME day="163" time="1905" away="9" home="7" />
<GAME day="163" time="1905" away="14" home="20" />
<GAME day="163" time="1905" away="17" home="13" />
<GAME day="163" time="1905" away="19" home="22" />
<GAME day="163" time="1905" away="21" home="18" />
<GAME day="163" time="1905" away="23" home="15" />
<GAME day="163" time="1905" away="24" home="16" />
<GAME day="164" time="1905" away="1" home="12" />
<GAME day="164" time="1905" away="2" home="5" />
<GAME day="164" time="1905" away="3" home="10" />
<GAME day="164" time="1905" away="6" home="11" />
<GAME day="164" time="1905" away="8" home="4" />
<GAME day="164" time="1905" away="9" home="7" />
<GAME day="164" time="1905" away="14" home="20" />
<GAME day="164" time="1905" away="17" home="13" />
<GAME day="164" time="1905" away="19" home="22" />
<GAME day="164" time="1905" away="21" home="18" />
<GAME day="164" time="1905" away="23" home="15" />
<GAME day="164" time="1905" away="24" home="16" />
<GAME day="165" time="1905" away="1" home="7" />
<GAME day="165" time="1905" away="2" home="12" />
<GAME day="165" time="1905" away="5" home="11" />
<GAME day="165" time="1905" away="6" home="3" />
<GAME day="165" time="1905" away="8" home="9" />
<GAME day="165" time="1905" away="15" home="18" />
<GAME day="165" time="1905" away="20" home="22" />
<GAME day="165" time="1905" away="21" home="17" />
<GAME day="165" time="1905" away="24" home="14" />
<GAME day="166" time="1905" away="1" home="7" />
<GAME day="166" time="1905" away="2" home="12" />
<GAME day="166" time="1905" away="4" home="10" />
<GAME day="166" time="1905" away="5" home="11" />
<GAME day="166" time="1905" away="6" home="3" />
<GAME day="166" time="1905" away="8" home="9" />
<GAME day="166" time="1905" away="15" home="18" />
<GAME day="166" time="1905" away="19" home="16" />
<GAME day="166" time="1905" away="20" home="22" />
<GAME day="166" time="1905" away="21" home="17" />
<GAME day="166" time="1905" away="23" home="13" />
<GAME day="166" time="1905" away="24" home="14" />
<GAME day="167" time="1905" away="1" home="7" />
<GAME day="167" time="1905" away="2" home="12" />
<GAME day="167" time="1905" away="4" home="10" />
<GAME day="167" time="1905" away="5" home="11" />
<GAME day="167" time="1905" away="6" home="3" />
<GAME day="167" time="1905" away="8" home="9" />
<GAME day="167" time="1905" away="15" home="18" />
<GAME day="167" time="1905" away="19" home="16" />
<GAME day="167" time="1905" away="20" home="22" />
<GAME day="167" time="1905" away="21" home="17" />
<GAME day="167" time="1905" away="23" home="13" />
<GAME day="167" time="1905" away="24" home="14" />
<GAME day="168" time="1905" away="4" home="10" />
<GAME day="168" time="1905" away="5" home="1" />
<GAME day="168" time="1905" away="8" home="3" />
<GAME day="168" time="1905" away="19" home="16" />
<GAME day="168" time="1905" away="23" home="13" />
<GAME day="169" time="1905" away="5" home="1" />
<GAME day="169" time="1905" away="6" home="10" />
<GAME day="169" time="1905" away="7" home="12" />
<GAME day="169" time="1905" away="8" home="3" />
<GAME day="169" time="1905" away="9" home="4" />
<GAME day="169" time="1905" away="11" home="2" />
<GAME day="169" time="1905" away="13" home="22" />
<GAME day="169" time="1905" away="14" home="21" />
<GAME day="169" time="1905" away="15" home="20" />
<GAME day="169" time="1905" away="16" home="17" />
<GAME day="169" time="1905" away="19" home="24" />
<GAME day="169" time="1905" away="23" home="18" />
<GAME day="170" time="1905" away="5" home="1" />
<GAME day="170" time="1905" away="6" home="10" />
<GAME day="170" time="1905" away="7" home="12" />
<GAME day="170" time="1905" away="8" home="3" />
<GAME day="170" time="1905" away="9" home="4" />
<GAME day="170" time="1905" away="11" home="2" />
<GAME day="170" time="1905" away="13" home="22" />
<GAME day="170" time="1905" away="14" home="21" />
<GAME day="170" time="1905" away="15" home="20" />
<GAME day="170" time="1905" away="16" home="17" />
<GAME day="170" time="1905" away="19" home="24" />
<GAME day="170" time="1905" away="23" home="18" />
<GAME day="171" time="1905" away="6" home="10" />
<GAME day="171" time="1905" away="7" home="12" />
<GAME day="171" time="1905" away="9" home="4" />
<GAME day="171" time="1905" away="11" home="2" />
<GAME day="171" time="1905" away="13" home="22" />
<GAME day="171" time="1905" away="14" home="21" />
<GAME day="171" time="1905" away="15" home="20" />
<GAME day="171" time="1905" away="16" home="17" />
<GAME day="171" time="1905" away="19" home="24" />
<GAME day="171" time="1905" away="23" home="18" />
<GAME day="172" time="1905" away="1" home="3" />
<GAME day="172" time="1905" away="8" home="5" />
<GAME day="172" time="1905" away="9" home="11" />
<GAME day="172" time="1905" away="10" home="12" />
<GAME day="172" time="1905" away="13" home="14" />
<GAME day="172" time="1905" away="15" home="16" />
<GAME day="172" time="1905" away="22" home="21" />
<GAME day="172" time="1905" away="24" home="23" />
<GAME day="173" time="1905" away="1" home="3" />
<GAME day="173" time="1905" away="4" home="2" />
<GAME day="173" time="1905" away="6" home="7" />
<GAME day="173" time="1905" away="8" home="5" />
<GAME day="173" time="1905" away="9" home="11" />
<GAME day="173" time="1905" away="10" home="12" />
<GAME day="173" time="1905" away="13" home="14" />
<GAME day="173" time="1905" away="15" home="16" />
<GAME day="173" time="1905" away="17" home="20" />
<GAME day="173" time="1905" away="18" home="19" />
<GAME day="173" time="1905" away="22" home="21" />
<GAME day="173" time="1905" away="24" home="23" />
<GAME day="174" time="1905" away="1" home="3" />
<GAME day="174" time="1905" away="4" home="2" />
<GAME day="174" time="1905" away="6" home="7" />
<GAME day="174" time="1905" away="8" home="5" />
<GAME day="174" time="1905" away="9" home="11" />
<GAME day="174" time="1905" away="10" home="12" />
<GAME day="174" time="1905" away="13" home="14" />
<GAME day="174" time="1905" away="15" home="16" />
<GAME day="174" time="1905" away="17" home="20" />
<GAME day="174" time="1905" away="18" home="19" />
<GAME day="174" time="1905" away="22" home="21" />
<GAME day="174" time="1905" away="24" home="23" />
<GAME day="175" time="1905" away="1" home="3" />
<GAME day="175" time="1905" away="4" home="2" />
<GAME day="175" time="1905" away="6" home="7" />
<GAME day="175" time="1905" away="8" home="5" />
<GAME day="175" time="1905" away="9" home="11" />
<GAME day="175" time="1905" away="10" home="12" />
<GAME day="175" time="1905" away="13" home="14" />
<GAME day="175" time="1905" away="15" home="16" />
<GAME day="175" time="1905" away="17" home="20" />
<GAME day="175" time="1905" away="18" home="19" />
<GAME day="175" time="1905" away="22" home="21" />
<GAME day="175" time="1905" away="24" home="23" />
<GAME day="176" time="1905" away="1" home="4" />
<GAME day="176" time="1905" away="3" home="2" />
<GAME day="176" time="1905" away="5" home="7" />
<GAME day="176" time="1905" away="8" home="6" />
<GAME day="176" time="1905" away="11" home="12" />
<GAME day="176" time="1905" away="19" home="17" />
<GAME day="176" time="1905" away="20" home="18" />
<GAME day="176" time="1905" away="21" home="24" />
<GAME day="177" time="1905" away="1" home="4" />
<GAME day="177" time="1905" away="3" home="2" />
<GAME day="177" time="1905" away="5" home="7" />
<GAME day="177" time="1905" away="8" home="6" />
<GAME day="177" time="1905" away="9" home="10" />
<GAME day="177" time="1905" away="11" home="12" />
<GAME day="177" time="1905" away="13" home="16" />
<GAME day="177" time="1905" away="14" home="15" />
<GAME day="177" time="1905" away="19" home="17" />
<GAME day="177" time="1905" away="20" home="18" />
<GAME day="177" time="1905" away="21" home="24" />
<GAME day="177" time="1905" away="23" home="22" />
<GAME day="178" time="1905" away="1" home="4" />
<GAME day="178" time="1905" away="3" home="2" />
<GAME day="178" time="1905" away="5" home="7" />
<GAME day="178" time="1905" away="8" home="6" />
<GAME day="178" time="1905" away="9" home="10" />
<GAME day="178" time="1905" away="11" home="12" />
<GAME day="178" time="1905" away="13" home="16" />
<GAME day="178" time="1905" away="14" home="15" />
<GAME day="178" time="1905" away="19" home="17" />
<GAME day="178" time="1905" away="20" home="18" />
<GAME day="178" time="1905" away="21" home="24" />
<GAME day="178" time="1905" away="23" home="22" />
<GAME day="179" time="1905" away="3" home="2" />
<GAME day="179" time="1905" away="5" home="7" />
<GAME day="179" time="1905" away="8" home="6" />
<GAME day="179" time="1905" away="9" home="10" />
<GAME day="179" time="1905" away="13" home="16" />
<GAME day="179" time="1905" away="14" home="15" />
<GAME day="179" time="1905" away="19" home="17" />
<GAME day="179" time="1905" away="20" home="18" />
<GAME day="179" time="1905" away="21" home="24" />
<GAME day="179" time="1905" away="23" home="22" />
<GAME day="180" time="1905" away="2" home="1" />
<GAME day="180" time="1905" away="3" home="4" />
<GAME day="180" time="1905" away="6" home="5" />
<GAME day="180" time="1905" away="8" home="7" />
<GAME day="180" time="1905" away="11" home="10" />
<GAME day="180" time="1905" away="12" home="9" />
<GAME day="180" time="1905" away="15" home="13" />
<GAME day="180" time="1905" away="16" home="14" />
<GAME day="180" time="1905" away="17" home="18" />
<GAME day="180" time="1905" away="20" home="19" />
<GAME day="180" time="1905" away="21" home="23" />
<GAME day="180" time="1905" away="22" home="24" />
<GAME day="181" time="1905" away="2" home="1" />
<GAME day="181" time="1905" away="3" home="4" />
<GAME day="181" time="1905" away="6" home="5" />
<GAME day="181" time="1905" away="8" home="7" />
<GAME day="181" time="1905" away="11" home="10" />
<GAME day="181" time="1905" away="12" home="9" />
<GAME day="181" time="1905" away="15" home="13" />
<GAME day="181" time="1905" away="16" home="14" />
<GAME day="181" time="1905" away="17" home="18" />
<GAME day="181" time="1905" away="20" home="19" />
<GAME day="181" time="1905" away="21" home="23" />
<GAME day="181" time="1905" away="22" home="24" />
<GAME day="182" time="1905" away="2" home="1" />
<GAME day="182" time="1905" away="3" home="4" />
<GAME day="182" time="1905" away="6" home="5" />
<GAME day="182" time="1905" away="8" home="7" />
<GAME day="182" time="1905" away="11" home="10" />
<GAME day="182" time="1905" away="12" home="9" />
<GAME day="182" time="1905" away="15" home="13" />
<GAME day="182" time="1905" away="16" home="14" />
<GAME day="182" time="1905" away="17" home="18" />
<GAME day="182" time="1905" away="20" home="19" />
<GAME day="182" time="1905" away="21" home="23" />
<GAME day="182" time="1905" away="22" home="24" />
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Re: 2051-2052 Rule Clean-Up

Post by Winnipeg59 » Sun 16 Nov '14 12:34pm

The All-Star break, by the way, comes at DAY 100 as you'll see by the different text line.
And all games start at the same time. You CAN adjust that for afternoon starts, etc but that is WAAAAAAYYYYYYYY too much work at this point. :wink:

David - GM St. John's Explorers 2044-2052
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Re: 2051-2052 Rule Clean-Up ** (Added SCHEDULE Template)

Post by Winnipeg59 » Sat 22 Nov '14 7:46am

Just curious if anyone has given the file above a look in a test league?
Again I am not trying to force anything, I'm just interested in opinions on the schedule and whether (provide we maintain the current league setup) there's any interest in adopting it?
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Re: 2051-2052 Rule Clean-Up ** (Added SCHEDULE Template)

Post by Claybor » Sat 22 Nov '14 11:11am

I personally prefer consistency and would prefer not to see any major changes made. The league has been going for 12+ years real time and 50ish years game time, and while there have been some minor bumps in the road I don't think there have been any real major problems, so why mess with a good thing?

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