Saskatoon / PEI

For trades to be processed (both sides must first post confirmation)
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Saskatoon / PEI

Post by ill16ca » Thu 25 May '17 6:22am

Saskatoon trades:

SP Bang Duan
1B Juan Salcido (AAA)
2nd round pick

PEI trades:

SP Ray Giddens (A)
2nd round pick

Thanks, Hammer! Maybe not the big trade Jeff was hoping for, but at least it's something.

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Re: Saskatoon / PEI

Post by Hammer755 » Thu 25 May '17 11:01am

PEI confirms.

Tough to move a guy with Giddens' potential (particularly that walk rating), but he's almost 23 and has a lot of development to go. PEI receives a pair of players who will get a lot of playing time, hopefully for the next 5-10 years.

Always good working with ill. Best of luck in continuing to lap the rest of the league!

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Re: Saskatoon / PEI

Post by devaneyfan » Fri 26 May '17 9:41pm

An interesting and creative trade. Good stuff.

Trade is processed.

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